Jardin Anglais, Geneva

Along the Geneva Lakeside is the beautiful Jardin Anglais, read English Garden. I won’t be wrong if I call the whole of Switzerland, ‘a garden’ and this Jardin Anglais is a garden within a garden. It boasts of 6500 flowering plants, yes 6500! Due to time constraints we could take just a short stroll inside. The memorable part of the trip was the sight of a floral clock at the entrance to this garden.

Horloge Fleurie, this large floral clock was created in 1955. It is a symbol of tribute to Switzerland’s watch making tradition. The mathematical details of this clock are mind boggling. It is 15.7m in circumference, dia. of 5m; the second hand is 2.5m long and has the reputation of being the longest second hand in this planet. The clock gets a new look each season with different combinations of flowering plants and shrubs.

Tourists were crowding around this unique clock to get themselves framed with this clock. I waited patiently and I was lucky to get the clock for a few seconds all to myself for photography.

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