Visit to Jaisalmer Fort of Rajasthan

The tourism industry of India was doing very well in this last decade. Not only the inflow of foreign tourists had increased, the domestic tourism too was thriving. The disposable income of Indians had increased by 10.11% and India’s middleclass had just started spending in traveling. Unfortunately the ongoing recession hit the tourism industry and now this terrorist attack. There have been mass cancellations, and 2009 is going to be a difficult year.

Virtual Tour of Jaisalmer Fort

But I guess blogging makes things easier… here is a virtual tour of Jaisalmer Fort.
The Jaisalmer fort, the yellow sandstone fort is atop Trikuta, a triangular peaked hill. It was built by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. The fort got the name Sonar Kella after Satyajit Ray wrote a detective novel based on the fort and made a film titled Sonar Kella.

Jaisalmer Fort
It still houses the palaces of Maharawals, Jain and Hindu temples and some havelis. The houses of the people residing in the fort have intricate work and carvings on their walls and balconies. They almost look like yellow fabric rising skywards.

The Dussehra Chowk becomes alive during festivals, the king sits on the marble seat and watches the various entertainment programs held here. The stone paved lanes from here lead to various parts of the fort. Plenty of restaurants and hotels have opened up within the fort.

… where the queens may have sat once…

Temples within Jaisalmer Fort Complex

The Rajputs are devout Hindus, yet for centuries they have permitted and promoted Jainism to be practiced. The 12th to 15th century temples within the complex are dedicated to various Tirthankaras.

Jaisalmer fort by nightfall is a sight to behold. It is one of the marvels of Rajasthani architecture and stone carver’s art.

We traveled Rajasthan by road for 15 days, not even once did we feel insecure. It is unfortunate that the terrorists are creating terror and fear in the minds of tourists. All I can say is in case you are traveling not only in Rajasthan but any part of India, may be any part of world be cautious and be prepared for all kinds of situations.



Rajasthani Women, a Mural
Sam Sand Dunes at Jaisalmer

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  • I don’t think I have ever seen such extreme beauty. Yet it looks so natural in a way.

  • What a marvel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit Jaisalmer last time I visited Rajasthan (my trip ended in Jodhpur – the closest I came to Rajastan)- there was just not enough time – but it’s still on my wish list, and one day, one day…. (when my own recession ends)… I will go!

  • Great tour. The details are intricate and awesome. They don’t make them this way anymore. I hope these structures stand the test of time.

  • Very amazing photo of the beautiful architectural designs. They are magnificient.

  • superb pictorial!

  • wow! those photos are so awespiring!!! very beautiful places to see and to be seen!
    MWT#3: Water Park

  • I am in awe. What cracking photos of a most fantastic place. The carvings are just out of this world. Thank you aslo for the narrative very enlightning.Thank you for sharing.

  • WOnderful post of a place of stunning beauty I have always wanted to visit. I just want to say I am so sorry for all your country’s troubles this week.

  • This was a wonderful tour. Such beautiful buildings. I am so saddened by the terrorist attacks. I know that hurts both directly and indirectly.

  • i so enjoyed your tour of Jaisalmer Fort..and hopefully some day i will be able to visit your lovely country.
    thank you for sharing.

  • you’re right – the pictures have made my vitual tour a great experience – I think you could be a tourism ambassador for Maharashtra, now rajasthan! 🙂

  • You have given us a wonderful tour through a most beautiful place with such exquisite carvings. Thank you s much and I hope the troubles sbside again soon.

  • Thanks for the trip around the fort. The amount of fine details is almost too much for me! Sorry about how it´s going.

  • This place is simply superb….full of rich heritage…..thanks for sharing these photos……

  • These are fabulous and when enlarging the photos they show all the beautiful details in the photo. Thanks for sharing

  • Those jain temples are they delwara or ranakpur?? or something i dont know???

    Jodhpur fort is superb!!

  • 15 days in Rajasthan!! That sounds awesome. I like the last picture a lot.

  • What amazing beauty!

  • Wow…what a wonderful place! I’m glad you showed this. Such detail and craftsmanship…it’s amazing. I’m sorry for the unrest in your country right now and the hardships it causes.

  • These buildings are very well preserved and it’s to be hoped that no terrorists’attack will ever destroy them.. The work that is spent on these buildings must have been enormous. They are works of art! Thanks for showing.

  • these artefacts are simply impressing!

  • Sadly I only know your country from its films, though I hope to change that someday. Such great beauty. Reminds me of the photos I’ve seen of Ajanta. Exquisite stone carving!

  • Hi Indrani!

    Your love for architecture is amazing and shows through your posts, I love that!

    How is the surrounding nature in your area?

    Greetings from West Africa!

  • The artwork is amazing, the carvings in particular. Thank you for the tour. And I had never heard of Jainism before.

  • yes, tourism and travel will be hit this year ..but am sure tourists will slowly start trickling in..lovely pics..hope they are maintained well.

  • Beautiful post. The intricacy of the carvings is amazing to me. I have read novels set in India, so this is intriguing anyway, but to see how exquisite things are is just incredible.

  • What an impressive structure.

  • I’m just stunned at the beauty, each photo more gorgeous than the last! I know it is a very difficult time in India right now, and I would never place things above people, but I also hope that terrorists never to do India’s historic treasures what was done to the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afganistan. (I know much damage was done to the old hotel in Mumbai). I pray for peace and recovery for you all, as wekk as a return of tourism and prosperity.

  • What a marvellous place!

  • what beautiful intricate stone work. it is amazing. I am glad that you are not near the terrorist attack and hope that none happens again… I know hard to believe that none will anywhere in the world at this time.
    Again beautiful!

  • Thanks for that virtual tour. The pics are wonderful!

  • Incredible architecture and beauty with such a sense of history. Stunning.

  • I love the way you put it..when you said..”like yellow fabric rising skywards.” Perfect! The pictures tell of the attention to the smallest of details…beautiful.

    It is sad that now…no matter where you go…you have to be prepared..for terrorism. We need to keep stepping out there…holding our heads high and showing them…”We will not be defeated!” There will come a time when they WILL be held accountable!!

  • Indrani.. thank you for your virtual tours.. we need a break..

  • Unbelievably beautiful. The craftsmanship that went into every detail is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos.

  • i have been to jaipur, udaipur and mount abu but jaisalmer is still to be seen !! thanks for this wonderful tour 🙂

  • awesome pixs of The Jaisalmer fort..wonderful presentation makes one get the feel of a virtual tour..congrats..

  • I always learn so much from your posts.

  • yr photography is getting better. instead of trying to get as much in a photo as u did occasionally in the past, u seem to b able to focus n highlight better now. lovely place this fort. 🙂

  • Jaw dropping sights. Such sharp contrast in the architecture between strength and delicacy with minute detail. Looks like it’s carved in stone. Excellent tour to promote future tourism.
    Let peace be with you and yours.

  • What a wondrous place!
    Thanks for the tour.

  • Was Spell-bound. Your lens has captured well the magnificient fort. Thank you for the virtual tour.

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