Invoking Goddess Lakshmi

It is Diwali time and I want to share the picture of Goddess Lakshmi I took some time back. I was stunned to see it there and then. Can you guess where this picture was taken?

Hindus invoke Goddess Lakshmi during this festival which goes on for five days in some parts of India, seeking wealth and prosperity. In every house, idol or picture of Goddess Lakshmi is seated centrally, decorated with jewels and flowers, lights are lit, prayers are chanted, and sweets exchanged. The festival falls on dark night of Amavsya (new moon night), as Sun enters the second course and passes Libra. As the holy Vedic hymns are chanted, simple hearts believe that Goddess Lakshmi alights on Earth. She walks through the green fields and through the bye-lanes, visits the cleanest homes and showers her blessings for prosperity.

Hindus depict Goddess Lakshmi as a very fair and beautiful lady. She is dressed in bright colored sari, has four arms, and is often shown as seated or standing on a lotus. There is a continuous stream of coins flowing from her hands. And to see all these details so finely depicted in a place where I least expected, surprised me.

Could you guess where this was painted? The picture of Goddess Lakshmi was painted on a bus carrying loads of tourists in Sukhothai, a World Heritage Site in Thailand. Great work done by the artist, who made a good study of the subject and presented it with so many details!

I wish all my readers A VERY HAPPY DIWALI!


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