Interiors Reims Cathedral, France

The interior of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims is of enormous proportions. Statistics are: 138 metres in length, while the central nave rises over three levels to a height of 38 metres. One thing I missed is going up to the roof of the cathedral. The view I believe is grand!

The interior too is profusely carved with statues just as in the exteriors.

That day 15th April 2012, was a Sunday, prayers were on. I didn’t directly focus on the priest conducting the prayers. Tourists were permitted inside, our movements were restricted to one side of the church and we were silent throughout. I could not get any good wide shot of the interiors.The inner side of the western façade is unique in Gothic architecture with its rows of niches containing statue. Just standing near the door I managed to take some shots.

The stained glass windows look fabulous. Sun light streamed in through them and the whole place had a beautiful glow all around. Most of the old stained glass paintings were lost in the series of wars, most are new and few restored ones.

A series of brass Gothic chandeliers, suspended from the height of the vaulted ceiling, light up the interior together with the windows of the central nave.


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11 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    Such an awesome cathedral! Superb captures as always and the very next best thing to being there myself! Thank you for sharing the beauty and the history, Indrani!!

  2. Beautiful photographs.

  3. Beautiful, Indrani! have heard so much about this one… loved the pics.

  4. Krishna says:

    Beautiful interior… You captured well


  5. Nice clicks of the beautiful interiors.

  6. Imposing and fabulous sight

  7. Hello!
    I am charmed by the cathedral.
    Great features and architecture.

  8. George says:

    These are marvelous pictures of the interior, especially since your movement was restricted. The rose window is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. ladyfi says:

    I love the architecture and light in these shots.

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