Interiors Of Salzburg Cathedral

The church has simple sepia-and-white interior. It is decorated with elaborate Baroque murals. I don’t understand too many of the architectural terms, all I can say it is beautiful and peaceful. Sitting in one of the benches, staring at the ceilings and painted walls, time just flew.

The statue of Virgin Mary dates back to 18th century. Built in short span of 14 years (1614–1628), it is huge with dimensions of 330 feet long and 230 feet tall. When Pope John Paul II visited in 1998, some 5,000 people assembled in this very hall.

The ceiling frescoes, painted by Arsenio Mascagni and Ignazio Solari, depict the scenes from Christ’s life, His suffering and resurrection. Mozart was the organist here for two years. I can only imagine it; organs playing, the balconies filled with musicians…glorious surround-sound…

Hallstatt Austria Salt Mines
Mozart Statue

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