Interiors of Milan Duomo

As I walked into the Duomo, I felt like I was walking into a different era – a different world in a different era. It was dark inside, artificial lights provided here and there and natural light filtering in through the glass panes. Slowly my eyes got adjusted to the dim lighting and I started to discover the wonders inside.

Huge pillars on either side, it was difficult to decide which of the dimensions were more impressive, the diameter or the height of the pillars. There were 52 of them. The ceiling was so high, ambulatory windows on either side had stained glass. Each glass pane seemed to tell a story. These are something so unique and work in them so rare. If you are ever there check out the fifth in the right hand aisle which is the oldest and dates to 1470-75 and the newest one the seventh one which dates to 1988. The contrast is so beautiful.

And finally, The Holy Nail Of The Cross! In the vault above the choir, a red light marked the location of the niche where a nail from Christ’s cross has been kept. It is believed to be there since 1461. It is shown to the public every 14th September. The Bishop of Milan is raised to the level of the niche to bring down the nail in a kind of decorated balcony, drawn by invisible pulleys. Many people visit in September to take part in the holy ceremony. I was there on April 20th; Sept 14 was a long time away.

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