Interiors Of Le Mont St. Michel, France

The plain classical facade of Le Mont St. Michel dates back to the 13th century. It faces west overlooking the sea. The interiors are simple, no colored glass panes. The windows have pale green glass panes with simple designs. Though simple in frames they definitely look elegant and light up the interiors very well. On a bright day, the light flooding in through these glass panes will definitely make a heavenly sight.

To support the massive weight of the steepled church at the top of a mountain and to give a strong foundation many underground crypts and chapels had to be built. The columns in the cloister have impressive dimensions and at the top are the criss-crossed arches (providing strength to the roof I guess). The interiors don’t have any modern touch or facelift (thankfully) and that has retained its old charm and mystique. Pilgrim or tourist, as you move from room to room hearing the stories, you recreate and imagine the stories and you are bound to leave the place enchanted.

1200 years of glorious history, unfortunately not much remains. Time and tide has worn off much of it! The various statues of saints and depictions of bible scenes were damaged during wars. Slabs of precious work that have escaped wars’ fury are put up on display there. The original windows have all succumbed to natural calamities like storms and lightning, and also to human caused miseries like wars and fires. (Click to enlarge the pictures for details).

Cloister, Le Mont St. Michel, France
A Tidal Island - Le Mont St. Michel, France

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