Interiors of Fontainebleau Palace, Paris

60kms south of Paris is Fontainebleau, renowned for its most magnificent castle in the world! This palace was occupied by almost all kings from 15th century to 19th century. Wiki mentions “thirty-four sovereigns, from Louis VI, the Fat, (1081–1137) to Napoleon III (1808–1873), spent time at Fontainebleau”. What started as a royal country house turned into a royal palace, with each king making renovations, by means of demolitions, additions and reconstructions!

If you can enjoy the opulence and grandeur of European royalty without any kind of bias then you will definitely enjoy the sights you get to see in the palace of Fountainebleau. The rooms are furnished with period furniture and tapestries. The bedrooms were like “OMG!” Heavenly ambience! Imagine lying on them! The furnishings are classy and lavish.

Each room is decorated differently; I came out wide eyed from each room. Just when I thought the decoration of one room to be ultimate, the next room would be even more stunning. So this was the opulence the peasants had funded for the royals! I remember seeing one room, a huge dining room, where the royals had food and the same room had a section where poor peasants were allowed to stand and watch them take food.

Ceilings, chandeliers in the ceilings, walls, their curtains and other accessories and the carpets on floor; top to bottom, I wanted to capture them all. I did to my very best and I will share the shots here in future posts.

You can click to enlarge the pictures for more details.

Not all rooms are open to public. The audio guide is excellent, helps you notice details, photography (without flash) is allowed thankfully. Mid-April, the lines weren’t long. Weather was perfectly fine, that doesn’t matter because you will spend more time seeing the interiors. Keep two hours for a satisfactory tour through these rooms.

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  • Oh, what an awesome place!! I'm not sure I would ever be able to fall asleep in a bedroom like this one!! I'd be too busy looking at the walls/ceiling and furniture!! Terrific capture, Indrani!! Thanks for the tour! Have a great week!

  • Palace impresses his wealth, opulence. It is wonderful.
    This is the palace of Napoleon on Elba and exported 2,000 volumes.

  • Thanks for all your nice photo's….this is again a great post.

    Greetings, Joop

  • Beautiful and colourful palace. Nice post.

  • Wow, what a great place to visit! Gorgeous captures!

  • What a grand palace. Thanks for the tour!

  • Charters likes your pictures of Chartres & Fontenbleau.

  • Absolutely magnificent. I will probably never be able to visit, so I appreciate your post.
    An Arkies Musings

  • incredible details. must be a pain to clean.

  • What struck me was the opulence and the vanity of the kings seen through the excellent pictures not to leave out their sadistic proclivity as seen from your sentence " remember seeing one room, a huge dining room, where the royals had food and the same room had a section where poor peasants were allowed to stand and watch them take food." How cruel!!

  • Thanks so much for your comments friends!

    Thank you Parthasarathi for your comment. These can be appreciated only if you have no bias as I mentioned in my second para. Rich oppressing the poor has been taking place for centuries and is still continuing.

  • looking beautiful


  • Wonder how they could sleep in rooms like these:):)

  • it is all so beautiful and your photos show it off so well, something I would never see here as I will never travel there, so there is a thankfulness for this Indrani. There is also a true historical awareness shown in every movie or tv show of the opulence of the wealthy but it is still amazing to see the artistry of all of it. think of all the workers and artists who created this.

  • Errrr how pathetic tht those peasents hv to be a mute spectator n see the royaltly relishing the very fod he toiled for!

  • Very grand and gaudy!

  • to wake up in that bed in that room (in pic 1)…..god!!!….

    and i guess royalty every where in the world skimmed off the peasants and commoners to live a lavish lifestyle be it Indian maharajas or european kings 🙂

  • wow!!!! am spellbound at the sight of this!! can barely imagine what it would have been like… and as u so rightfully pointed out, if we can keep ourselves free of other thoughts, we can truly enjoy this… and its true of all palaces actually, even the ones in India bring up such thoughts… but to enjoy them, we need to keep such thoughts at bay and simply enjoy the craftsmanship!

  • It all looks so fantastic… many thanks for sharing.

  • Indrani, a beautiful tour of the palace. the rooms and decor are just GRAND looking. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  • What a fantastic place!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  • I would truly love to visit this palace. 'Opulent' seems like an understatement. Your photos are stunningly beautiful.

  • Love the ceiling, cheers Indrani.

  • The palace is magnificent with exquisite art work and very intricate patterns. Lovely pictures.

  • Magnificent! What a place and it must have been very interesting to visit.

  • The work is so extravagent and grand! Amazingly you have captured!

  • So fine and detailed pictures, Indrani!

  • Parthasarathi is right that it is so cruel to let the poor beggars watch the rich feeding on the most delicious dishes. As this is still going on we should do more about it. My daughters and myself often buy presents at Oxfam. This is only a little bit of help. But if everybody did something with the purpose to help, poverty would be reduced considerably.
    Thank you for these beautiful photos. It is good that this magnificent palace is still there open to the public.
    I have seen several French castles and I enjoyed seeing them all, but at the same time I also had these
    unpleasant thoughts, I expressed above.

  • Imagine sleeping in such a spectacular space!

  • I would have never thought that I would see a palace even more rich and beautiful ! But I saw it in Istambul, the Dolmabace Palace ! Versailles and Fontainbleau were nearly garden sheds besides that, lol !

  • Wow! You know.. You have shown me many fine castles, but finally a place I've been! But, not on the inside. Only in the park surrounding the castle.
    So interesting to see a little bit of what's inside.
    Great details in the ceiling.
    Thank you:-)

  • Very opulent. Great shots and information.

  • Wow! beautiful interiors.

  • "poor peasants were allowed to stand and watch them take food"… why… that's so odd!
    Very magnificent and opulent palace!

  • Wow! Reminds me of the time I spent here. The gardens so vast and beautiful. I so happy to see all this again! Thanks. did you visit Moret Sur Loin?

  • What opulence! Like Sylvia, I don't think I would be able to sleep in that bed/bedroom either 🙂 What struck me here was your sentence, "…a huge dining room, where the royals had food and the same room had a section where poor peasants were allowed to stand and watch them take food" It feels so sad to think of such a thing happening.
    Its wonderful to be able to travel and see places. Lucky you 🙂

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