Interiors of Florence Duomo

Florence Duomo is ranked fourth largest in the world. In the huge interior of the duomo I was lost once again just like I was lost in the Milan’s and Bologna’s. The high arches gives an impression of emptiness even though it was crowded inside. Each silent corner, the windows, the statues and even the walls seemed to be telling a tale. Photography was thankfully permitted here, and the photographers’ tribe there went click, click, click.

Sharing with you all some of the shots here… Shots of The Last Judgment (detail) under the dome.

The clock above the entrance was designed in 1443 by Paolo Uccello the uniqueness of this clock is that the 24th hour of the day ended at sunset. Paolo Uccello painted it with quadrant and medallions in 1443. Surprisingly it works even today. It has only one hand that rotates anti-clockwise like the ancient sundial!

The marbled floor, the pattern looked 3D. The marble flooring is said to have been the work of Baccio d’Agnolo and Francesco da Sangallo.

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  1. pietrzyk says:

    Very nice series.Greetings Andrzej.

  2. Nice! The 24 hour clock is very interesting. What is the history behind it…if you don't mind…

  3. Elettra says:

    Post interesting and very informative, well done

  4. I am grateful they allowed photography. Thank you for sharing these. A big and beautiful, private and secret, space.

  5. George says:

    I'm delighted that you were able to get these pictures of the interior of this magnificent structure. Thanks for the information about the church as well.

  6. Jidhu Jose says:

    Wow….nice post and shots.

    U always rocking….Happy Diwali

  7. magiceye says:

    wow! amazing!

    wish you and yours a happy diwali!!

  8. YOSEE says:

    Wonderfully detailed pictures. Brought back memories !

  9. Y. Ikeda says:

    Hi Indrani,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    And thanks again for sharing images and info about Florence Doumo. Year, I would love to visit after seeing pic you took!
    Have a nice day.

  10. Timeless works of art

  11. Gattina says:

    Beautiful artwork !

  12. Anya says:

    My compliments Indrani
    your shots are masterwork !!
    You captured it very well 🙂
    We where there also a few years ago
    my husband had only make a video movie there (no photo's 😉
    My camera was on my hotel room that day 🙁
    Thats me on holiday :))

    If you celebrate it 2mrw nov. 5th
    Happy happy D~I~W~A~L~I~


    (Nice to see your girls again
    your oldest daughter has grown very fast !!!)

  13. Joop Zand says:

    Beautiful places, I have visit Florence in 2006…. lovely city.

    Greetings, Joop

  14. Onkar says:

    Very interesting pictures and narration.

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