Interiors Of Beguinage Church, Brussels

Almost half a kilometer away from the Grand Place square is the Beguinage Church. I had read the appreciation of the façade of this church in many tourist reviews and the history attached with this church: these are the two factors which compelled me to visit this place. The interiors are very well preserved. I also read that: The neighboring Beguine convent, which used to have up to 1,200 nuns, disappeared in the 19C.

A very old ‘wall carpet’ there, looked so well preserved, the designs on them and the colors very attractive.

Beguines are women who lived alone and devoted themselves to prayer and good work with out taking monastic vows. In the beginning of 13th century, single women mostly widows, lived in the outskirts of towns and attended the poor. They grouped their cabins together to form a community called Beguinage.

This semi-monastic institution was adapted to its age and spread rapidly throughout the land. The women influenced the religious life of the people. Each of these institutions was a centre of mysticism, they shaped the thought of the urban population of the Low Countries. There was a Beguinage at Mechlin as early as 1207, at Brussels in 1245, at Leuven before 1232, at Antwerp in 1234, and at Bruges in 1244. By the close of the century, most communes in the Low Countries had a Beguinage, whilst several of the great cities had two or more.
This one that I saw in Brussels had the city growing all around it.

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  1. Wow!! The interiors look magnificent. Nice captures.

  2. eileeninmd says:

    Indrani, the interior of this church is beautiful. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. I wish you a happy week ahead.

  3. Marvelous and monumental church!

  4. Sylvia K says:

    Incredible church and such amazing detail! Your captures are superb as always! Thanks as always for the history/background you include in your posts, Indrani! Have a wonderful week!

  5. Carver says:

    Very beautiful church and interesting information.

  6. Awesome architecture!

  7. Joyful says:

    Beautiful domed ceilings…I love the painting/frescoe.

  8. The interior of the church stands in stark contrast to the modern building! Striking and beautiful.

  9. Rajesh says:

    The interiors are marvelous.

  10. ladyfi says:

    Wow – the interior shots are fabulous! So ornate.

  11. colleen says:

    That's very impressive, both the architecture and those single women.

  12. stardust says:

    Thank you for the detailed information about such a beautiful church.

  13. what an interesting history

  14. Gary says:

    Beautiful structure, and great explanation. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  15. kaia says:

    Beautiful pictures and great information of this church.

  16. arabesque says:

    that was an interesting and informative tour.
    the weaving details looks delicate.^0^

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