Infancy in Animals, Mysore Zoo

Infancy is the most captivating stage not just in humans, but even in animals and birds. I don’t know how it is in fish, but after seeing ‘Finding Nemo’ I believe they too have that bonding period.

At Mysore zoo, I saw this mother elephant suckling its calf. The mother and the calf were in an enclosure and we watched them from a distance. The baby would suck with its mouth for some time and then with its trunk. It went on like that for some time. The mother elephant stood still all this time. This calf must be at least a couple of years old.

Mysore zoo baby elephantsDo click to enlarge and view details.

Mysore zoo elephants
Normally it takes anywhere between two years to ten years to wean away and they consume around 11.4liters of milk a day.

The shot below is of a mother Langur with its suckling baby clinging on to her tightly. It is a common sight here, around temples especially. I was a little apprehensive to focus my lens on her and when she was looking away, I quickly took a shot and made a hasty exit from that place.

Mysore zoo langur
To see the infant animals in their helpless state, being assisted by their mothers, their bonding moments touches you somewhere deep inside. And if you have parented a child you feel the warmth all over. I was motivated to do this post after seeing this lovely post linked below.

Nevada and Lilli’s New Babies
Thursday Challenge: Young


Pendula Lobster Claw, Welcoming Spring
Chinkara, the Indian Gazelle in Desert National Park

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  • i love baby animals. they are soooo cute and less harmful. my ultimate dream is to play with baby pandas.

  • First “Finding Nemo” is my favorite,
    Now we have the video,
    I regularly look to it….

    A like the zoo :))
    especially in the spring with
    all those little ones !!

    Elephant :

    An elephant goes like this and that
    He’s terribly big and terribly fat
    He has no fingers, he has no toes
    But goodness gracious – What a nose…. LOL

    Great post today !!!!
    I love animals 🙂


  • Beautiful shots. I can’t believe elephants suckle for so long! Such patience and love is very humbling to see.

  • What a good post! You got some great pictures of infant animals and their mothers.

  • What adorable photos. You have captured mother nature beautifully. Thanks for link, that means a lot to me. New birth is the only thing that keeps our world going.

    I wish you could come and witness the lambs being born first-hand.

    Best wishes,
    CJ xx

  • Indrani, that elephant is just adorable but 11 liters? I’m sure Isolde doubles that! 😀 Just kidding!

  • These are so charming!

  • We found our goats were pretty short with their young whilst the cows were great.

  • These are just fabulous shots, Indrani! and so moving! It is amazing that the elephants suckle for so long! Delightful post! Thanks for a really big smile this morning!

  • Wonderful photos and that last one of mother and child is so touching.

  • Really lovely shots – the instinctive maternal love beautifully captured. and thanks for the links too – a good quartet of pictures of me and mommy

  • beautifull, I’ve enjoyed reading your words and the photo’s. Thank you. Best wishes, jeany

  • Those are gorgeous shots. What could be more endearing than mother and young?

  • Awww….what a truly sweet post!
    What a coincidence that last night I dreamt of a baby elephant 🙂

  • this post is so cute! even the links you gave were really nice…

  • heart warming post !

    its a lovely subject…simply loved it… my fascination of animals never ends !!

    i have seen these langur kids a lot… in Bharuch my native place they frequent our house a lot… making a total mess of the garden !!!

  • Lovely pictures Indrani. And so sensitive. News about elephants feeding to me

  • Hi Indrani! Amazing pictures! You got them quite nicely!!!
    Also loved to see your Jantar Mantar !!

    Now, one week working without coming here and you don’t even remember that
    Blogtrotter still exists. But it’s there, even if India 2008 has come to an end… ;)).
    Have a great weekend!

  • Sweet photos! I had no idea it might take 10 years to wean a “baby” elephant!

  • Very sweet, it is spring everywhere 🙂 .. at least, on this hemisphere 😉

  • Babies are so cute, even huge elephants.

  • A wonderful post with beautiful images!!

  • Hi there!

    Wonderful photos. This is the first time I’ve seen a baby elephant sucking milk from its mother.

    It’s the same way with us humans, the bonding moment between the child and the mother is incomparable – one of the sweetest moments of life indeed.

  • you were there at the right moment to take the pics. how wonderful

  • I am quite surprise that there suckling take this far years! Lovable pictures of child and motherhood.

  • i once saw an elephant in real life and it never happen again
    hoping someday i could get another chance to see elephants
    its nice to be here in your blog
    have a great day and happy blogging

  • I love these posts on wildlife. Thanks for sharing.

  • some lovely shots!!!!……
    i think people, both men and women become more responsible when they become parents….
    and thatgoes for animals too..i think more so!!

  • It is always good to capture baby animals. You did a fantastic job by capturing these moments.

  • Young animals are endearing, especially young mammals! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Very touching….

    babies in the animal world are very cute.. nd to see these powerful animals showing tender feelings is something great..

    as usual u have not only captured the best shots but has also written from the heart…

  • OH, the tender times of being a mother…so sweet and somewhat short in the whole scheem of life..

  • The kid-Mom bonding pictures looked so good.

    In “Finding Nemo” the love of a caring Dad for the kid is brought out so sweetly.

  • Finding Nemo 🙂 Brought a smile with that reference.. 🙂 Kung Fu Panda 2/3? Po looks adorable when he was younger.. 😉 (just saying)

  • wonderful Indrani, I love zoo’s and their animals, especially the young

  • Brilliant interpretation and for you “The Elephant Song of Kamahl”

  • Gorgeous shots.

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