Indian Weaver Birds Found Near Bengaluru

Weaver birds found nesting near Bengaluru, how exciting is that!

Weaver birds are the architects of avian kingdom. The nests are elaborately woven by the birds, all from their genetic memory with no formal training. In fact each of the different species of weaver bird has different style of weaving the nests. Bird experts can easily identify the species from the way the nest is built. We were surprised when weaver birds were found near Bengalauru. On the way to Kokkarebellur we chanced on this tree having five to six weaver bird nests.

Weaver birds found near Bengaluru
Male Weaver Birds

Most noteworthy activity among these birds is that the males of the species build the nests with grass blades fetched from nearby fields during their innumerable trips. Once the female approves, the nest is completed and she lines up the inside of the nest with soft grass. The entrance is made in such a way that the birds find their entry very easily while it is extremely difficult for predators like snake to maneuver around to get to the entrance. We saw a nest with two separate entrances; probably one was for the male and the other for the female and the babies.
Weaver birds found nests
Weaver birds found feeding
Weaver birds found nesting
Weaver bird activities

The birds feed on insects and grains. Some species of the weaver bird fly in huge flocks and it seems they can have destructive power equal to that of locusts. We spent an hour there, waiting patiently to get shots of the birds perched on the nests. The birds were constantly chattering totally unmindful of our presence.

Weaver birds found near Bengaluru
Weaver birds found ib BangaloreMyth regarding Weaver Birds

One interesting myth associated with these birds is that these birds bring fireflies to the nests to light the nests up. One has to do bird watching at night to see if this is true. Once the breeding is over, it seems like the nests are taken over by other birds. The weaver birds found in the nests were enjoying the last days of summer after raising their young ones.

Next season we plan to be on time because kids want to see them building nests and I have to get shots of these birds building their nests.

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  • What an awesome capture! This is so cool. The birds are beautiful.

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  • Very interesting little birds. Nice images to go along with the information. It would be interesting to know if they really do bring the lightning bugs to their nests at night.

  • These are cool! i’ve seen similar types of nests at one of the san diego zoos, maybe the wild animal park.

  • lovely series of your bird shots

    Hope you can Visit me also Thanks

  • these birds are amazing… you managed some wonderful photos, and hope you get to see them weaving their nests next time 🙂

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    Hugs and blessings,

  • some awesome pictures there ..would be fun to shoot while the nests are being built

  • Beautiful shots thats a great wonder in animal kingdom because every species has its own way of raising and protecting their offspring…Happy weekend Indrani…

  • Nice work, Indrani – especially the last shot. When I was growing up in India I don’t think I ever saw a weaver bird’s nest.

  • Glad you stopped to spend some time on them…

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  • Wonderful CC post! What fascinating birds, and their nests are so intricate. The nests must be very strong, too, the way they hang from the branches. Nice that your patience was rewarded. Thanks for stopping by earlier.

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  • Brilliant birds. The nests are impressive.

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  • Such clever birds! And a lovely firefly legend.

  • WOW I loved this post on the weaver birds….great pictures and I like the part where they bring in fireflies at nite!!!

  • Hi Indrani!
    Sorry for the absence these last weeks, but unfortunately it wasn’t due to some summer holidays… ;))
    Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the MoMA for Art and New York lovers! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week! I’ll try to get back here to enjoy your pictures with some more time during the week!

  • I have seen several near my home in surathkal, As a child, I used to collect one or two to hang them in front of my house. I wish i knew then, that i was actually stealing someones home.

  • Interesting post. i never know about these bird. They are beautiful.

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  • Terrific pics, as usual. Do the birds pose for you, Indrani? 🙂

    Very, very nice post

  • Hello! Indrani thanks for the visit anyway since you don’t have message box I will answer your question yes gabi leaves are edible and the roots are also good source of carbohydrates like sweet potato but not sweet. I know these plants grow too in your country. I saw it in your market in travel and living program in cable network. and in business review magazine that I read when your country is featured once. just delete this my friend…

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  • Oh Indrani,this was so fascinating to read about. Isn’t nature amazing? Beautiful shots too!

  • Was tickled reading..
    “..Once the female approves,..”
    “..We saw a nest with two separate entrances; probably one was for the male and the other for the female and the babies.”

    As usual, can see that the blog has shot to fame, with the excellent pictures. Congrats.

  • Hi Indrani,

    I live south in Hyderabad. these nests are made by birds called weaver birds. the birds have a colourful plumage with more of yellow init. I saw many of these nests on the outskirts of hyderabad. it was interesting to read that the nest is approved by the female bird.

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