Ice Hockey, Slovakia

Sports enthusiasts reading this blog will know ice hockey is the national sport of Slovakia. It was sheer coincidence that when we were in Bratislava on 5th May, the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships were on. The competitions were on during the last week of April and the first two weeks of May 2011.

Though we couldn’t get to see any of the matches or any of the players there, we saw the statues of players installed there. There was one statue each representing the different countries taking part in the competition. As we walked through the lanes, we never knew which country’s players statue would pop out and then there would a short photo session posing with the player’s statue, tourists waiting patiently for their turns.

I have here the statues of player from Denmark and Germany.

You can see more statues here.

Thursday Challenge: SPORTS

Nový Most, New Bridge, Slovakia
St. Michael’s Gate, Bratislava, Slovakia

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