Ibrahim Rauza, Bijapur

“Ibrahim Rauza, the garden tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, was the inspiration for the construction of the great Taj Mahal by Shah Jehan,” our guide very proudly declared. Shah Jehan was fascinated by two structures during his search for an architectural plan to construct a mausoleum for his wife Mumtaj, one was the Tomb of Mandu at Madhya Pradesh and the other was this Ibrahim Rauza.

We were at Bijapur, 525kms from Bangalore. A district in north Karnataka, it is dotted with several sight seeing spots, over 50 major mosques and some 20 palaces, mostly ruined, and a host of tombs and other structures.

Mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil Shah II, the structure in the right houses the tomb and the one in the left, the mosque. Ibrahim Adil Shah II was a visionary king who sought to bring Hindus and Muslims together. He spoke the local languages, had a Hindu temple built in his palace and composed verses dedicated to Saraswati and Ganpati.

The cornices and cupolas, the minarets and parapets, the decorated walls and the beautiful stone windows have become old and worn out, yet they are so beautiful and captivating. The entire structure is over a basement and our guide showed us the secret passages in the basement. Some of the points were closed and are rumored to have treasures. I guess he told us that to see our eyes open wide with surprise. We went through some of the dark tunnels taking care not to knock our head against the sharp stones jutting out from the low ceiling.

The tomb of the Persian architect of this mausoleum, Malik Sandal too was there in the courtyard. His last wish to lie beside his Sultan fulfilled. The arched structure behind the tombs served as elephant stable once.

An inscription on the north door reads, “Heaven stood astonished at this building when its head rose as it were from the earth to another heaven. The garden of paradise has borrowed its beauty from this garden and every column in this building is graceful as a Cyprus tree in the garden of purity. An angel from heaven told the date of building in words `This heart-gladdening building is the memorial of Taj Sultana.

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Bara Kaman, Bijapur

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  • That's great that the architect got his last wish. What a beautiful place. The walkway in the first shot looks like it's miles.

  • I love the second photo, great perspective.

  • How magnificent! I love the arches and the way it seems to stretch to forever! Of course, compared to my humble abode, it does!

  • Astounding. It always amazes me at what people can create.

  • That first picture caught me! It's look so big, so clean, so serene. Your parts of the world have such an amazing architectural heritage! Thanks for sharing, Indrani! I enjoy your posts so much!

  • Terrific post, Indrani! And what an incredibly beautiful place and what fabulous shots! Love them all. It's great to see so much of the inside as well!

  • Thanks for sharing another fascinating site with us. The beauty of this place is truly amazing. It must have been awe-inspiring to see it in person.

  • Sometimes I am amused by guides saying things to tourists and observing tourists' reaction 🙂 I enjoyed viewing your photos.

  • Imposing and beautiful architecture. What a tribute!

  • Very beautiful and amazing. The architects of the past are fantastic, they could built such magnificent buildings.

  • Heaven would be astonished, I think. That's a fantastic building with amazing architecture. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  • I simply love this post. Fantastic photos. I wish I could see this in person.

  • You have captured it beautifully Indrani…

  • Wonderful architecture. Your photos have captured it beautifully.

  • I stand astonished at the beauty!

    You have a tribute on my blog..have a great week:)

  • I liked to stay outside and see the great temple and I would prefer not to go in to the dark tombs.

  • Hi Indrani, I was waiting for your pictures and writeups from the south..and here comes the first. Amazing as always. Beautiful symmetry and great information.

  • great pics, Indrani


  • Great photos and an interesting story. I would love to spend a day looking around here.

  • Such great architecture on the third photo, its detail is so defined.

  • truly spectacular. i would love to go there someday.

  • Very informative and great pictures, Indrani. Whenever you post about a place if you could add a small note on how we can go there, hotel, stay etc. it helps others to browse through your page before planning a visit.

    Thanks for sharing…Keep up your good job.

  • Beautiful historic buildings 🙂
    These round towers
    are a piece of art!!
    Rouza means literally
    nice to know 😉
    And the architect
    is buried in the garden
    thats quite unique.
    How is it possible
    that the grass is still green,
    they will must plenty of water spraying…. LOL
    (its always so hot in your country 😉
    The stone windows are really a piece of history, fascinating!!
    Thanks for all the beautiful shots!!

  • very nice, I loved the second photo

  • This is very nice information you've shared about such fascinating structures! Great Photography too!

  • Beautiful historic buildings 🙂
    Those round towers
    are a piece of art !!
    The stone windows are really
    a piece of history, fascinating!!
    Thanks for all the beautiful shots!!

  • Very educational and informative post.

  • Very nice!! Love the framing on the second photo. Awesome@

  • wow how inpresive, this looks. you are very lucky that you can visits these beautiful buildings , and learns its history. best wishes from jeany

  • Great and beautiful Indian World.
    Brazilian Television TV Globo has presented the TV series "Caminho das Índias" (Routes from India).
    Beautiful views and Indian way of life are presented on Televison.
    Thanks for share this beautiful building and its story.
    Luiz Ramos

  • Awesome tour and great captures. I really like the composition on the second and third images. The arches are magnificent and show majesty with their ages of wear. Going underground was a bonus. I think I bumped my head. Great post.

  • Hi Indrani! This one looks beautiful, but I wouldn't compare with the Taj…
    I'm afraid those tunnels look a bit claustrophobic to my taste… 😉

    Blogtrotter (not me, I’m stuck here ;)) is profiting from the holidays in Lisbon this week and has a tour of Lake Galve, one of the beautiful lakes near Trakai, to show you! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  • Beautiful tomb and photos. I love the arches in the first few shots.

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  • Great post with wonderful images, Indrani. What a beautiful place! I like the scenery, the arches, the architecture. The first picture is so charming!

  • Beautiful place. Thanks for the tour.

  • These are all great photos and a very informative session

  • Amazing details 🙂

  • Your post motivated me to explore this district of our state.

  • I would like to see those underground passages.

  • that was lovely!

  • Great knowing about this place, and the inspiration behind the Taj Mahal. The caves wonder!

  • I love the series of arches in your photography on this post. I always enjoy looking through archways and using them as a frame. The caves look really spooky though.

    I also loved your last post with the parrot looking down at the pigeon. You really do get some good shots.

  • Hi Indrani!
    Blogtrotter has a nice lunch location for you. Enjoy and have a great weekend! I’m having the benefit of the holidays in Portugal this week… ;))

  • Thanks for the grt info abt this place.

  • Ravishankar
    9 years ago

    Nice pictures.
    One of the must visit place in Bijapur. We got to see some parrots too at this place.

  • How did I miss this – lovely pics

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