How to Find Your Dream Home

It is when you know the house can be converted to your dream home your search for house would end! We search for a comfort zone in that concrete structure, where sense of belonging prevails and there is emotional security in addition to physical needs. This thought holds good during search of rented houses or independent houses or apartment complexes. Designer houses are good to look at but when it comes to actual staying the locality and interiors matter a lot. We look forward to share with friends and relatives and create happy memories!

Homes Around the World

During my road travels through various countries I have seen different kinds of houses which I am sure are cosy to the residents. The way the curtains are drawn, the kind of door knockers, different garden arrangements, the various colors used in facades… all these have amazed me several times.

Flats dream home

For me this dilemma of short listing a property, owning a dream home is never ending. After all it is a lifetime investment. Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and is now crowded with apartment complexes. I have seen the same in Milan, Italy. In Lisbon too I found several high rise buildings. The old town of Lisbon, Alfama, though has houses with interesting façade designed with tiles which exhibit the aesthetic sense of the residents. They reflect their personality, likes and interests. The old cobbled streets of Alfama, has a warm feeling, and the clothes hung out to dry makes it even more homely. They often do up their balconies in a colorful manner. One can therefore conclude that it is possible to do up an apartment complex tastefully.

Row house dream home

More Homes…

In Netherlands I visited a dear blogger friend of mine. The houses in her locality were row type. Each having a little garden of their own and hers was done so beautifully that I felt I could spend hours there beside the little pool with Koi fish. I saw some row houses during the drive to Fort of Breendonk from Brussels, Belgium and in Penang Malaysia too. The more you see the more your aspirations increase. There are similar kinds of row houses in outskirts of Bangalore. They have a very neat layout with criss cross of roads and are mostly gated community.

farm house dream home

My heart always yearns for houses in a large plot. Some of the ones I have seen in Lucerne, Switzerland has left me lusting for that kind of farm homes, unfortunately my pocket doesn’t seem to agree. On sharing this thought with a friend of mine recently she suggested Magicbricks, India’s No. 1 Property Site.

In the video enjoy Cheenu’s journey of finding a comfortable home for his beloved squirrel and how his father plays an important role in being the solution provider… just like Magicbricks is with its customers in every step of their home buying journey!

Dream Home from Magicbricks

A virtual walkthrough their website, I realized they have a number of helpful tips to offer to find your dream home. Their expert advice on home buying guide is worth a read. The cover points like: How to choose the right property, checklist before buying re-sale property. Choosing the right location can be a brain wracking exercise. The guide gives the pros and cons of investing in big and small cities, or in commercial hubs. I liked how they highlighted presence of an airport nearby brings appreciation of values to residential property. With city boundaries expanding at a fast rate they have pointers to advantages and disadvantages of investing in peripheral areas. Just investing isn’t enough; the appreciation of property value too needs to be assessed. Their expert advice section offers tips on property index, rates and trends. The website is neatly structured covering relevant points in depth.

One can actually buy happiness from MagicBricks!

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