Hotels near Jog Falls, Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa

Plenty of hotels, resorts, homestays have mushroomed near Jog Falls, but none has the ideal location like that of Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa. This hotel scores the highest in terms of location when compared to all other hotels near Jog Falls. It is right opposite to the mighty Jog Falls. The rooms of the hotel have a wonderful view of Jog Falls from their respective huge windows. The sight of falls sitting in the room coupled with gurgling sounds makes it a mesmerizing experience. Though I had read it all, real experience of it was worth the money spent for the rooms. This is indeed better than all other hotels near Jog Falls.

hotels near Jog Falls

Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa, a review

The hotel has two blocks, Tunga and Sharavati. Tunga has a total of 10 rooms, 5 of them two-bedded, 2 of them three-bedded and 1 four-bedded, with the other two offering dormitory style accommodation. Sharavati offers more non-AC options. We took 2 rooms in Tunga. As I walked into the room I was bombarded with the sight of Jog Falls. Even with few strings like falls, it looked impressive and the impact was terrific to my mind.

The hotel isn’t a multi storied one and I wondered why they didn’t cash in on the location with a high rise hotel. At a higher floor I could have kept the curtains drawn open and gone to sleep with the sight of Jog Falls reflecting moonlight. With rooms in ground floor and unrestricted entry of tourists around, the area privacy is less.

Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa 1Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa 2

The quality of the room in terms of neatness was good. The furnishings are modest and basic. In fact the whole complex is neatly maintained. I saw a couple of workers there who were ever alert of the cleanliness of the place.

A restaurant operates little away from the rooms. Don’t expect room service. The hotel also organizes sight-seeing trips for guests, though we didn’t avail it.


The room rates range from Rs.900 for non AC rooms to Rs.2000 for AC rooms in weekend. Their cancellation rules are very strict so plan well before you make reservations.

There is a huge rush to this hotel during monsoons. If you manage to book a stay during the peak season here it will be worth the money and effort!

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  1. magiceye says:

    Sounds interesting

  2. Nice interiors. I like the hotel. 🙂

  3. Jyothi D'mello says:

    Every time I read a review of a place or food from Karnataka I realize there is so much for me to see/experience of my native hometown 🙂 Jog Falls is another one in my To see list. Thanks Indrani.

  4. Priyanka says:

    Thank you for the very useful info.

  5. eileen says:

    Hello, great review of this nice hotel. Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!

  6. Bob says:

    Once I was manager of the maintenance of hotel, I was in charge of rooms what they looking good. It was quite a job. Anyway, you shot them brilliant.

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day !
    Keep Blogging …

  8. I will definitely try this hotel on my next visit to Jog falls.

  9. Arun says:

    All government owned hotels are constructed near the top attraction of the area.

  10. i b arora says:

    you have presented an enticing image

  11. looks like a great choice.

    One photo of view from the window would have been nice

  12. Thanks for the useful info Indrani. Seems to be a good place to stay and enjoy the serenity of the jog falls.

  13. Jeevan says:

    Their tariff sounds normal, and the room is also neat for that price with a grand sight to behold from the room window itself!

  14. Useful Info..Thanks for sharing, Indrani!

  15. I like the cleanliness there ☺️

  16. Ami says:

    Nice one. Found one homestay close to Jog Falls which was good. Will be sharing that soon on my blog

  17. Yogi Saraswat says:

    Very good information Indrani ji

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