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Staying in Bangalore has its own advantages and disadvantages and along with that some responsibilities too! In the past couple of decades Bangalore has seen a vast change in terms of lifestyle. Earlier it was known to be ‘Garden City’ of India or the ‘Pensioners’ Paradise’. Life was cool! Sadly today it is known as ‘City of Ring roads’ or the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. People from all parts of India come to this city with dreams of a plush job and lifestyle. Not only jobs, students land here for higher education and exams. And a large chunk of travelers to Bangalore come for medical help too.Couple of years back a close relative of my distant relative had to undergo critical surgery, and he was referred to a reputed specialized heart surgeon in Bangalore. It was a matter of life and death! I was referred to them by my ‘close relative’, couldn’t turn their request down as it was a critical one. I knew in that short span of time the entire arrangement of their stay had to be made. To add to my work and worries, his whole extended family was coming. (Just in case he bade his final good bye, you know what I mean.) Thankfully things fell in place, hotel bookings were made successfully and their stay was comfortable. Add to that the operation was successful too! And what jubilation and celebration after that! They showered their gratitude and praises for me too in addition to the doctor who was by then a God to them.

Ever since then I have been contacted several times for help to make them comfortable in this new city. I have been contacted by my relatives and their relatives, friends, their friends for arranging an accommodation for them. Usually those who come all the way from north of India, along with their whole family can afford well and look specifically for good hotels. Sometimes the womenfolk are keen to shop for the famous silks of Bangalore. Of course they express their desire in a very subtle manner lest they upset the head of the family. After all who doesn’t love to shop given an opportunity, I know that feeling very well.

Like I said the city has developed well, connectivity has improved. People prefer hotels in central Bangalore. I have provided many with contact numbers and in recent times helped them often by suggesting easy online bookings. Hotel industry too has improved their standards to cater to the different customer requirements. Bangalore is slowly acquiring the reputation for being the hotspot for medical tourism. Patients are known to fly in from several foreign countries. In 2011 two Pakistani children underwent complex heart surgeries in Bangalore’s Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Science and Researches. There are similar cases from other countries too.

Whatever the reason to visit Bangalore, the city is fully geared with good hotels to cater to tourists. The hotel industry in fact has surplus which is a good sign!

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  • If any city changed for growth, it's good for people.

  • Thanks for sharing such valuable info 🙂

  • Love bangalore. Though I just stayed there for 6 months the whole vibe of the city is wonderful!!

  • nice informative post 🙂

  • It sounds like a wonderful city. Thanks for the informative post. Jo

  • How kind of you to help your relatives find accommodations! And how pleasant to live in Bangalore that is doing so well these days!

  • Looking out for appropriate accommodation is one of the key things needed prior to travelling. Useful information and links for checking out the hotels in Bangalore. Thanks for sharing Indrani.

  • I found hotel tariffs a bit steep even as far back as 6-7 years ago.Hope that has optimized now.

  • yeah but even the outer Bangalore can boast of certain real good Hotels though not as big as the big-wigs. With the expansion of the city borders, the Hotels have also mushroomed at the periphery. Nice post Indrani 🙂

  • My stay in Bangalore dates back starting from 1975 when I joined in my new job till today when I became the permanent Resident of this City except for temporary Transfers…. I love this City and as you said when I moved in and out of Bangalore a few times and subsequently on certain other Occasions I happened to stay / visit a few Hotels of this City and the Hospitality Industry of this City is truly the best! Thanks for sharing a touchy Subject!

  • informative post !

  • Thanks for sharing this post. I wasn't aware of medical tourism in Bangalore. Good to know about number of hotels with good service.

  • Bangalore has become a bit crowded with lot of traffic and it has become hotter compared to the '90s. There are many guest houses in bangalore as well.

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