Hotel Amalia, Thessaloniki, a Review

At Thessaloniki we stayed at Hotel Amalia, an hotel of 1970s but well furnished with modern fittings. The location of Hotel Amalia is most ideal for those who wish to explore the city on foot. Majority of the sites mentioned in the heritage list like the St. Dimitris church, the ancient market, the White Tower and the Arch of Galerius are within walking distance from this hotel. The beach too was close and we could walk back safe to the hotel after the sunset hours.

I am really grateful to the reception team there who highlighted the important places to see, handed us a good map of the city marking the walking directions on it. We couldn’t just get lost in the city even if we wanted to with that map in hand. He even gave us a list of tavernas (local Greek restaurants) where we could have authentic Greek food. It is a pity we could visit only one as we spent only one night in Thessaloniki. They didn’t have a parking space of their own, but they have some kind of tie up with a parking lot 5minutes away which gave us parking for the night at a much discounted rate. It is the highest building of central Thessaloniki with 9 floors. We had our rooms in the seventh floor, we got some amazing views from the balcony.

The rooms aren’t huge and have just basic furniture. The color of the furnishings are little different, dark navy blue! It made the small rooms look more smaller. The bathrooms are so tiny, it will be really difficult for a person with large circumference to have a comfortable bath in it. There is hardly any space to move around. That is a minor convenience if touring the city is your main priority. I was not happy with the breakfast that they gave in the package, not a lavish spread as they claim in their advertisements in the booking sites.



Blue Monday


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17 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    Ah, it does look plain, but when one travels you're generally not going to stay in your hotel room, just a place to sleep and it does have that!! Hope you have a great new week, Indrani!!

  2. Jutta.K says:

    A very nice hotel and great lookouts.
    That was certainly a relaxing holiday in a beautiful country
    And the Blue fits so well to the sea
    I come visiting from Blue monday
    ♥ly greetings from germany

  3. Such a very nice place to visit..Happy blue Monday

  4. Nice view… I agree if your main objective is to sight see and be out of your room, choosing a basic hotel in a good location is ideal!

  5. Seems like a simple and nice hotel, In. The sea view is great 🙂 and anyways, during travel it is just about basic comforts since you would be out sight-seeing and doing other stuff anyways!

  6. Seems like a lovely place and good that you gotta a beautiful place to stay. Excellent selection and the beach view is amazing.

  7. Great view in last picture. If this was the view from your room window, then I think you must have enjoyed the stay. Yes, great welcome gesture by reception team to give the important information (in printed format) of city map and local restaurants.

  8. a Rat says:

    nice view. nice review 🙂

  9. Nice view & honest review, Indrani. Small bathroom & not so good breakfast cannot be overlooked easily 🙂

  10. Mridula says:

    But then we anyway spend so little time inside a hotel!

  11. Nice review and very informative, a guide for anyone intending to visit Greece.

  12. Najm Nisa says:

    Wow, love the interior of the hotel..the beds are so simple and sweetly placed !

  13. Nice post Indrani. The hotel's interior is so calm and serene and the outside view is much more captivating for a wonderful holiday time.

  14. Looks like a nice place. Last photo is nice…

  15. What a view…. in awe…
    Good one.. 🙂

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