Hollywood’s Most Wanted Dishes

California Pizza Kitchen is now offering Indian diners the special choice dishes of Hollywood celebrities. This time they have new additions to existing spread.

To start off there are the drinks: the mocktails, Mango Mint Ecstasy and Pineapple Twister. I had the pineapple twister and it had this semi sweet semi tangy flavor!

5 varieties of Pizzas, it was hard to choose one of them as the tastiest!
The Hawaian Chicken & Grilled Pineapple Pizza with liberal dose of home made pizza sauce on traditional crust is yumm and filling.
The Jamaican Jerk & Chicken Pizza: You will love this spicy sweet Caribbean sauce, authentic Jamaican Spices, Garlic chicken, roasted peppers and red onions on regular crust.

Deli Style Bistro Pizza: The chefs at CPK make this pizza iconic. Italian sausages, capicola ham, and Canadian bacon, sprinkled with lemon herbed rocket leaves and all these on a crisp thin crust.
Rustica Pizza: This one is a CPK version of Italian classic, grilled zucchini, sauté white mushrooms, green olives and capers spread on thin crispy crust.
Spicy Sonora Pizza: A hot pizza with homemade roasted corn, blackbean salsa and spicy smoked chicken with cilantro and lime cream sauce

Spaghetti Carretierra: An Italian classic with California twist, with red hot chilies, bocconcini and freshly crushed pepper in a tangy creamy sauce.
Mediterranean roasted mushroom spaghetti: A fiery blend of roasted mushrooms, garlic, onions, Serrano chilies, Mediterranean herbs and spaghetti in extra virgin olive oil.

The two special dishes they have this festival are:
California Peri peri chicken: Boneless chicken grilled with homemade California periperi marinade and baked in creamy sauce.
Spinach & Paneer malfati with Milan sauce: Tender spinach and paneer gnocchi styled dumplings in a creamy caramelized onion sauce, flavored with garlic and goat cheese.

California delight: A trio of white chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate mousse with cranberries and almond praline. 

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