Holidaying at Aurangabad During Vacations

The itinerary was finally made! We are holidaying at Aurangabad during vacations. The destination: Ajanta and Ellora caves, a feast for the eyes. Tickets were made long back, children were waiting eagerly for the holidays to begin, and I too was secretly longing for the trip. All that I had struggled to study in my History lessons, the Hinayana and Mahayana sects, the chaityas, viharas, stupas and other endless terms, I was going to see them for real. Will the sculpted images talk? Will the murals show signs of life?

Journey to Aurangabad by Train

We started off from Bangalore Majestic on 23rd Dec. 2007, 1920 hrs by Karnataka Express. The compartment was infested with cockroaches. The moment we would open our food packets they would all start peeping and moving out of the crevices. The cleanliness around was just okay. The compartment needs a Pied Piper of Hamlin playing a different tune for the cockroaches immediately. The return trip compartment was far better.

Hotel Taj Aurangabad during vacationsStay at Taj Aurangabad

Ahmednagar to Aurangabad, Taj residency, a total distance of around 120 km took us two and half hours. The drive was a pleasant one and the driver Mr. Ajay Pathak who drove us around for the next six days was a local from Aurangabad. He took pride in explaining the development of the city and how reputed companies like Bajaj Auto, Skoda Auto, Wockhardt were setting up their industries there. All these were possible because of the new airport that opened for the tourists to visit Ajanta and Ellora. We did the road trip of Aurangabad with his help. We logged approx 800kms of road trip here.

Itinerary to visit Aurangabad during Vacations

The travel desk people helped us chalk out the plan and places to visit the next few days. Ajanta and Ellora caves were magical; the Daulatabad Fort was mysterious with its Bhool Bhulaiya zigzag dark passages. It was touching to see the tomb of Emperor Aurangzeb. The tomb was a plain mound of earth with few Tulsi plants growing on it. This tomb is very simple when compared with that of his wife’s at Bibi ka Maqbara. The 300 years old Panchakki; is an engineering marvel. Then there were the tempting Paithani sarees at a Himroo weaving center. A visit to the Lonar crater; we realized how insignificant we are in this universe. And we returned on 30th, blessed after visits to series of temples there!

The decision to visit Aurangabad during vacations was a success!

Aurangabad Tour Map


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  • It was wonderful reading the articles. Hope more articles from ur end. Thanks ! and Bye.


  • I don’t know when I will be able to make a trip to Ajantha… Looks like you enjoyed the trip… Happy 2008!

  • We had visited Aurangabad’s spots in the 90’s, but lost the pics when the film roll got exposed accidentally!…waiting to see your pics!

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