HOHO Bus Tour in Penang, Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia fitted in a cool HOHO bus tour in Penang itinerary. Thanks to them I could see the major landmarks of the beautiful city of Penang. I had taken a similar ride in an open deck double decker bus in Singapore long time back. It wasn’t too sunny and I aimed for the open deck seats, I got some excellent views from there and because of the moderate speed some great pics too. There was continuous informative commentary during the ride.

Bus Tour in Penang

The streets of George Town were a complete delight, very colorful and full of life. People of the city waved at us, it seemed they are used to such HOHO buses and tourists watching them from the decks.What is HOHO bus tour? It is hop-on-hop-off bus tour. While on the tour you can hop off at a stop, see the place, spend time there and then hop on to the next bus to the next destination. This novel concept was started in Penang in Nov 2014. The route covers 50 major attractions. There are 2 themed routes: City Route and Beach Route.

One striking fact that stood out was the existence of houses of worship belonging to different religions. Hindu temples, Mosques, Churches and Buddhist temples, all exist in close proximity in some areas. It is evident that the citizens of Penang have a healthy respect for every community. May it continue to be so!

Here is a series of pics that I took during the HOHO ride.

Betel Nut Roundabout Penang

The Betel Nut shaped structure has a fountain. It is a 4.8m-high metal structure resembling giant pinang fruits. It is erected at the roundabout next to the clock tower which is a major landmark of the city..

Bus tour in Penang

Clock Tower

Presented to Penang by local millionaire Cheah Chen Eok in 1897, the clock tower commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It stands 18 meters / 60 feet in height, with each foot representing one year of the Queen’s reign. Sadly, Queen Victoria died before the clock tower was finally finished, in 1920.

Penang City Hall

It was low tide time and the beach looked so barren.

The 4 places of worship in Penang.





The KOMTAR is clearly visible on the Penang skyline, being a modern 64-storey complex housing government departments, commercial offices, shops, department stores and restaurants. KOMTAR also contains squash courts, theatres and a geodesic dome that acts as a multi-purpose hall, while the 55th floor offers visitors panoramic views of Georgetown and Gunung Jerai in Kedah.

Prem Joshua and His Band in Penang
Penang World Music Festival 2015

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