Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg Man – have you heard of him? No, he is not any famous personality of recent times. An early man, his upper jaw structure was found here in Heidelberg which is an evidence of early life here. Today Heildelberg is known for its university atmosphere with young crowds all over.

I was at Heidelberg last year, my final stop before taking my flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore. We had 3 to 4 hours to explore the town, not much could be done, just got the feel of the atmosphere there.

Walking through the streets, I saw this stool displayed outside a shop, it was chained to the door of the shop. It was so beautiful, many passersby stopped to give it a second look. I had to simply take a picture of it and bring it back with me. Below is a picture of Neckar River from the bridge.

 The most sought after and visited site is the castle, we had time either to ‘take a cab and visit just the castle’ or ‘do a walking tour of the old town’. My Ds were cooperative and we set off on self guided walking tour (moreover we weren’t sure of the timings of guided tours there). There is no way you can get lost in that town. The castle has seen and experienced the wrath of wars and nature’s fury. Yet the ruins look amazing and I read it is good wedding location. Pity, I missed the perfect views of the city from the castle, the sight of the river and the bridge over which I was standing.

Facade of Hotel Ritter, don’t miss it while taking a walk there. This picture is just a portion of the larger beautiful, detailed facade. Click to enlarge and see the various characters.

The walk was refreshing; some of the facades are mind blowing! The Medersches Haus (house of the Meder family) is of baroque style and is one of the most beautiful town houses of Heidelberg. It was constructed in 1721.

Heidelberg is one of those few cities in the world to have been honored with many poems and songs. Lonely Planet mentions: Mark Twain began his European travels in1878 with a three month stay in Heidelberg, recounting his observations in “A Tramp Abroad”. I would love to spend more time here if luck permits!

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