Headphone with Mic, a Short Guide

For music lovers and serious business dealers, for google hangouts and for gaming the requirement of quality headphones with mic is always a priority. If you have participated in multiplayer games you would have definitely felt the need to listen to your teammates without any compromise on background music and ambient sounds. The headset should have good audio features and also at the same time deliver your voice clearly to receivers at the other end. Good audio features here imply head phones with good music quality and good call quality. You can well imagine why the term ‘skullcandy’ was coined for their product by one company! Headphones that fit snugly on your ears providing sweet music!

Headphone with Mic

Competing companies have flooded the market with hundreds of great options of headphone with mic, without compromising on any of the required features. You may tend to get lost with various features and types. Head phones are no more a stay at home things; they have slimmed down a lot and inject the music directly into your eardrums. So from these slimmed down models you need to decide whether you require ‘in-ear headphones’ or ‘over-ear headphones’. The usage of headphones, the purpose of it can help you narrow down your choice.

Different Kinds of Headphone

If you are the kind who doesn’t like over the ear, the headband style you can check out these in-ear phones. A good variety of ear buds ranging from sponge ear buds to silicon ones is available. Usually the simple models come as freebie with portable players; these get replaced by high-performance buds. You will be amazed how the sonics offered by these tiny things are good competition full-size models! Wireless headphones are portable and handy, go for them if you are keen to have hands-free phone calls. The plus points for these are they are ultra compact and lightweight compared to all models.

Headphone with Mic

Over the ear headphones come in such funky designs and classy colors. There are modest ones for office environment and high end home models too. Comparatively they are more comfortable than the in-ear headphones and don’t overheat fast. Moreover they come with extra features like microphones and track navigation controls on the wire.

Then there are the full size headphones, also known as earcup headphones. In these, the earcups fully enclose the ear. The acoustic isolation is good, but being slightly large they are preferred for indoor usage. However for women they can interfere with fashion accessories like ear rings.

Yet another variety is the wireless headphones. No more carrying around messy and tangled wires. Just keep track of the battery usage that will ensure uninterrupted entertainment!

Before you purchase one the safest bet will be to go through the reviews and ratings. You will get headphone models and brands that work better and offer more functionality for a lesser price if not same.

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