Happy Holi

Yesterday we celebrated Holi, the festival of colors in our apartment complex. We friends got together and applied colors on each other. Even today I enjoy this as much as I used to enjoy it when I was a child.

This is one Hindu festival, unique to India and Nepal, when people just let go of their inhibitions, get aggressive and enjoy their hidden crazy self. It is one of the twelve full moon festivals of the Hindus. The full moon shots of yesterday’s Holi are here.

There are many legends connected with the origin of this colorful festival and one of my favorite is this:

Young Krishna who was in love with Radha always complained to his mother Yashoda that he was dark complexioned, while Radha was fair skinned. He was sore about this grave injustice of nature. Yashoda, the doting mother, to mollify Krishna asked him to apply color on Radha’s face and change her complexion to his choice. Mischievous Krishna needed no more encouragement; he and his friends smeared Radha and her friends with colors… and thus began the Festival of Colors!

It is the children in particular who enjoy the most. They arm themselves with big pichkaris (syringes) to spray colored water on each other. People dance, exchange good wishes and sweets, offer prayers for a good harvest and bountiful season. Young lovers too take this opportunity to color and get colored by their mates to express love!

You want to play too? Grab your choicest color below. HAPPY HOLI!!!

Menal Temple, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan
Udaipur City Palace at Night

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