Hanging Man of Olomouc, Czech Republic

One of the bizarre sculpted works of David Cerny is this ‘Hanging Man’.I stopped stunned seeing a man hanging from a pole sticking out of Town Hall of Olomouc (pronounced OH-la-mootz), Czech Republic. Initially I saw the silhouette and couldn’t believe my eyes; I strained to see if there was any kind of movement. As I got closer I realized it was just a statue, but what a weird one! Since I hadn’t briefed myself about this I was surprised. Books and sites don’t make any highlighted mention of it, meaning the sight of hanging man of Olomouc in Czech Republic was casual.

hanging man of Olomouc

Hanging man of Olomouc

Later going through various websites, I gathered some info about this. This sculpture is often referred to as the Hanging Man. It was first exhibited at the exhibition “Respekt 97″ at the Villa Richter in the Prague’s Lesser Town. Later it was installed at the Czech Cultural Center in Berlin; Moderna Muset in Stockholm; National Theatre in London; and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London. It finally got its present position in the vicinity of the Olomouc astronomical clock in 1997 .

Hanging man of Olomouc is just one of the bizzare works of David Cerny. If you wish to see more bizarre works by David Cerny, you can click on the link here.

Have you seen anything weird like this? Let me know in the comment box and I will add the link to this post.


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