Halts in Road Trip from Bangalore to Jog Falls

Finally after 18 years of stay in Bangalore, Karnataka my dream of visiting Jog Falls materialized! Jog Falls is reputed to be the second highest plunge waterfall in India. The best time to visit would be June to September, at other times there is only a pair thin streams of water falling down the rocks and that is what I got see last December 2015.

Road Trip from Bangalore to Jog Falls

The entire road trip from Bangalore to Jog falls was planned in such a way that we could visit the famous temples that dotted the road. We made several stops along the way for the visits to temples.

Day 1 Bangalore to Shimoga

From Tumakuru we veered westwards along SH 24 towards Arasikere where we visited the Ishwara Temple. It dates to 13th century of Hoysala Empire. Its unique structure and grand sculpted designs on the façade awed us. We could offer pooja here. After half an hour’s halt we drove further northwards to Baggavalli.

The Yoga Narasimha Temple here too belonged to 13th century. Unfortunately for us the temple was closed for the morning and we couldn’t get a glimpse of the idol worshiped there.

After an half an hour’s drive, 20kms along SH 24 we reached Amruthapura. The Amruteshwara Temple here has amazing stone work. It was nearing 1; we had our lunch here in the temple kitchen. They provide lunch to pilgrims visiting the temple.

Shimoga is 48kms from Amruthapura, but before making the final stop we made a detour to Lakshmi Narasimha Temple at Bhadravati. In all probability it would be closed yet we decided to visit. The temple here is indeed another gem of Hoysala Empire.

map road trip Bangalore to Shimoga

Day 2 Shimoga to Sringeri and back

After good rest and night halt at Shimoga we set off for Sringeri early next day. The distance is approx 103kms, but it is through the scenic ghat section with many winding roads and sharp turns. The roads have no dividers and it is best one exercises caution driving through these roads. High speed will invite accidents and the saying holds right: better to be late than be sorry! The golden idol of Goddess Saraswati here is stunning! The complex is huge and has several small shrines. It took us more than an hour to cover the entire place, but definitely worth the time spent.

On our return trip to Shimoga we halted at Kuppalli and visited Kannada Ppoet and playwright Kuvempu’s house and then again at Thirthahalli. Before the sun could retire for the day we were back to comforts of the hotel Royal Orchid in Shimoga city.

Shimoga to Sringeri road trip

Day 3 Shimoga to Jog Falls

On this 3rd day too we had some temple darshan planned. We halted at Keladi, famous for Rameshwara Temple which is constructed in the Hoysala-Dravida style. This place is full of history. We stopped to listen to the stories of the Kings who ruled the place and worshiped at this temple.

Banavasi, further northwards has a temple from 2nd century AD. This is the oldest temple we have seen in India. Only a small portion of the old temple still stands strong, we were lucky to be there in time and could offer our prayers. The place doesn’t have scope for good lunch; the existing hotels didn’t seem tempting enough.

After lunch at Sirsi and a visit to Marikamba Temple we proceeded onward to the final destination of the day; Jog Falls!

Road trip Shimoga to Jog falls

Day 4 Jog Falls to Shimoga

We drove to Ikkeri which is famous for Aghoreshwara Temple. This was constructed by the Keladi Nayakas (Kings). This temple was badly destroyed during Mughal invasion from north, yet what ever is left is very impressive. A must visit I will say if you are anywhere around the place. Ikkeri is 3kms south of Sagara.

A few devotees here told us about Shri Choudeshwari Temple, in Sigandur. The distance between the 2 temples is 35kms. With nothing much to do for the day we set off for the temple. We were ferried across the mighty river of Sharavati in a Launch. A different experience and we all enjoyed. The cost of ticket is at an unbelievable low price of Re. 1!

I have linked the temples to my posts on them.

Jog falls to Shimoga road trip


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  1. Such an interesting trip, Indrani!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Gattina says:

    I don’t know the Jog falls at all, must be a very nice trip !

    Happy New Year to you too !

  3. vatsala mallya says:

    It seems to be a fabulous road trip Indrani.. with so many beautiful temples lined all along the way for which Karnataka is one of the southern states ,famous for.
    Wish you and your family a happy prosperous and great year ahead.

  4. eileen says:

    Hello, looks like a great road trip! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  5. fly girl says:

    This sounds so exciting! Where are th photos? I want to see those temples and the falls!

  6. Happy 2016 to you, Indrani. I would love to see photos of the temples and the falls? Greetings Jo

  7. palak says:

    Loved reading about your road trip , and waiting for the photos.

    Wishing you a Very Happy new year full of beautiful Journeys !!

  8. Shrikant says:

    Good travel-log! Pictures could have made it more beautiful 🙂

  9. That was an awesome trip 🙂

  10. Harshita says:

    I too heard about it,btw nice trip you had

  11. Arun says:

    Wonderful trip. When we went to Jog in Aug 2015 it was raining all day so could not visit any temples nearby.

  12. magiceye says:

    Wonderful itinerary but why no photographs??

  13. What an interesting trip! 🙂 Amazing!

  14. Arun says:

    Looks like one amazing trip!

  15. I spend my childhood in this city.. Awesome place to leave 🙂

  16. Bhavani says:

    Wow…amazing trip!!! Hope you enjoyed !

  17. swati says:

    We are planning to go there next month …clubbing Gokarna & Jog fall …. will wait for more pictures 🙂

  18. Interesting Indrani Di, though I have travelled length and breadth of Karnataka on my road project…i only get to see mostly….roads!!!

    i think barring bangalore city, gol gumbaz last june and two smaller hoysala period temples this time around….i mostly miss all the fun!!

  19. Such an interesting trip :), must have enjoyed so much

  20. Chaitali says:

    Seems like an enjoyable ride.

  21. Priyanka says:

    Nice one. Have bookmarked this post for future reference, especially for the Shimoga bit.
    (We visited Jog in August once, but even then the stream of water wasn’t very much.)

  22. Such a long and enjoyable trip it seems 😊

  23. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    Must be a great trip for you. Thanks for sharing the details, Indrani. Would be of great help to those who want to visit following the same route… 🙂

  24. Wow! This is an amazing trip. I am sure you must have enjoyed a lot 🙂

  25. Sapana says:

    Looks like amazing experience. I was expecting lots of photos like your other posts though!

  26. Heard a lot about the place but never visited.. Your travel story truly makes it interesting to see the place the earliest.. A great Post.. Truly blessed to see so many Temples enroute.. Thanks for sharing, Indrani!

  27. Would love to know more about Kuppalli. Did you stay there> If yes, where?

  28. That was a good road trip…

  29. Ami says:

    Interesting diversions along the way. We also, traveled by Shimoga but stayed closer to Jog.

  30. Looks like a fun trip thanks for sharing the details 🙂

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