Hallstatt Mines

After a ride up the mountain in a funicular, we reached the mine which is now converted to a museum. We crossed an open grave site, with numerous displays. Inside the miner’s hostel were various pictures of miners of last century, the tour begins from here. Chambers after chambers, some dark, some well lit, we were treated to a small movie too on the miners’ lives there.

One section was reconstructed image of Bronze Age hut. It gives a clear idea of what the conditions of life were like in the high valley in ancient times. The few wooden items are proof of their great skill in handicraft. Inside there were mega slides transporting us from one level of the mine to another, taking us deep below in the mines.

There was this human size statue of Sepp the miner, who told the story of Man in salt; In 1734, the corpse of a prehistoric miner was found embedded into miner’s rocks, well preserved by the salt, but squeezed flat by the pressure of mountain.

The whole experience was an excellent one with children enjoying the most. The tour is indeed planned well and definitely worth its cost.

Royal Choice
Hallstatt Austria Salt Mines

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