Hairstyles in Ancient Indian Scupltures

This week’s Thursday Challenge has the theme STYLE (Hair). I took this as an opportunity to share pictures of hairstyles of ancient times in India depicted through Indian sculptures.

Women in ancient times maintained long hair which is evident from the numerous sculpted images in ancient temples. The above shot taken in Hampi, Karnataka is one such depiction. At the bottom corner you can see a little monkey pulling her long hair. The sculptor tried to induce some humor in work I guess.

There are other images which depict very elaborate and decorative headgear. In the image above, the sculptor has depicted the male figure supporting the fancy hairstyle while whispering sweet nothings as the female figure rests her hand on his shoulder.

The figure below is one close shot of another hairstyle.

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25 Responses

  1. Wow! They sure were elaborate. Love the sculptures.

  2. Carver says:

    It is fascinating to see the hairstyles depicted.

  3. arabesque says:

    nice carvings,
    one can see how dated these must've been. ^0^

  4. Sylvia K says:

    Amazing sculptures and hairstyles! Have to admit, I'm glad I didn't live back then! Love your captures, Indrani! Fun, interesting post for the day!


  5. Vaish says:

    Nice take on the prompt Indrani! I could never have thought about these! Lovely pictures!

  6. NixBlog says:

    Beautiful photos and a great way to illustrate this theme meme, Indrani!

  7. one can indeed get lost in hair – beautiful.

  8. magiceye says:

    beautiful takes on the theme!

  9. Some amazing styles!

  10. Lesley says:

    My mother always had very long hair and I loved watching her style it into a bun or braids or chignon. I also remember being very small and scared when she into my room at night and her waist length hair was down – so unusual for her!
    Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  11. Hair styling formed a very important part of a woman's make up. Ancient Indian sculptures really give great emphasis to this as well as other aspects like flowers,necklaces,arm band,waist bands,ear rings,anklets etc

  12. Phoenix says:

    Wow, these are very neat pictures. It's interesting to be able to look back in time with these kinds of artifacts! Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting my blog! 🙂

  13. Suzy says:

    A very interesting interpretation. Nice.
    Here’s mine

  14. Jama says:

    Very beautiful sculptures, each tell a different story.

  15. Leovi says:

    Sculptures delicious, delightfully sensual, I do.

  16. sujata says:

    Hair has always been a sign of feminine beauty, and the cutting of it, is therefore a sign of women's liberation.

  17. ladyfi says:

    What beautiful long hair. And sensuous sculptures.

  18. Oh my goodness! I wonder how they did that without hair spray.

  19. Bikramjit says:

    Lovely hairstyles .. But I think mine is the best 🙂 he he heh


  20. Pietro says:

    Beautiful sculptures, Indrani, very interesting.

  21. ashok says:

    very interesting!

  22. rajkumar r says:

    Nice carvings! nice collections!!!

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