Hadrian’s Arch, Athens

The first monument I sighted in Athens was the Hadrian’s Arch! A monument dating back to 132 AD, that is almost 2000 years! It was overwhelming! What I didn’t know then was that this was just the beginning! Mind blowing, awe inspiring stuffs lined up in Athens and in many more parts of Greece! History says the arch was built to celebrate the arrival of Roman Emperor Hadrian to Athens. Arch of Hadrian was made on an ancient street that connected ancient Athens to Temple of Olympian Zeus. The two inscriptions on the arch, facing in opposite directions mention both Theseus and Hadrian as founders of Athens. The remains of wall painting suggest that it was a part of Christian church in the middle ages. A plaque there mentions: It was converted into a gate of the defence wall around Athens and was known as “Princess Gate”.

You can approach it from Syntagma Square or from Acropolis as you go towards Temple of Zeus. There it continues to stand tall and broad silently watching centuries pass by as a symbol of Athen’s grandeur.

The view from road got several vehicles in to the frame. The view from Temple of Zeus’ side was better. Thankfully the sky was clear and it looked majestic against the bright blue sky, the photographers around too took full advantage of the photo opportunity. The best part is no charges for viewing it, it is free.


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