Habanero Koramangala, Bangalore

Habanero is out with its new TexMex menu. Habanero does this quite often and it is good both for the restaurant functioning and also for the customers who come looking for authentic flavors in different preparations. I have been to two of their outlets in Bangalore and I must say that no matter where the outlet, the recipes don’t vary, the ingredients don’t change. The menu doesn’t include ‘fusion’ dishes that confuse the big appetite out of customers and the spice levels stay the same. 

Here, in this post I present a series of goodies I had, but first the man, the chef behind the show: Dan Durkin. Chef Dan Durkin, a native of Colarado, US, spent a significant amount of his youth in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, which inspired his interest in and love for Mexican cuisine. A certified chef with more than twelve years of experience under his belt, Dan has consulted with several prominent food and beverage brands in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia Hong Kong, Jakarta and Thailand.

The décor at Habanero is mind blowing. A little piece of Mexico, right within Bangalore, with brightly painted interiors that lend a cheerful and cozy ambience, it’s an ideal place for people to have loads of fun over drinks and authentic Tex-Mex food.

Habanero’s signature appetizers include Macho Nachos, consisting of
layers of corn chips, topped with melted cheese, beans, tomatoes,
olives, jalapeno peppers, guacamole and sour cream and guacamole and
chips which is a perfect creamy combination of avocados, garlic and
cilantro made fresh at the table, upon request and served with warm
homemade chips.

This menu is experimental and bold, full of rich, spicy flavors that characterize Tex-Mex cuisine. The dishes are inspired by various parts of Mexico and the bordering American region.


Stuffed Roasted Red Pepper – sweet red capsicum stuffed with paneer and rice served straight from the oven.

Fish Veracruz – steamed basa atop vegetables, doused with a tangy, spicy Veracruz gravy – a Mexican coastal specialty. 

Classic Tex-Mex dishes on the menu include a choice of six fillings served as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, burrito bowls or chimichangas. 

How can one forget the desserts! Signature desserts include the molten Mexican Chocolate Cake with a decadently gooey fudge center with a hint of chili powder, the milk-soaked Tres Leches Cake. 

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