Gyor Cathedral Interiors, Hungary

The exteriors of Gyor cathedral is white and simple, the interiors surprisingly grand. The cathedral was rebuilt after being destroyed by the Mongols. After the Turkish period the interior was added in Early Baroque style. The interior was built from 1639to 1645.

One of the highlights of this cathedral is the ceiling fresco, masterpieces painted between 1772 and 1781 by Franz Anton Maulbertsch.

We saw Hungary’s most precious gold artifacts here. Saint Ladislaus’ Herm a master piece creation is displayed here. This 65-centimetre-tall, gilded silver, cloisonné head reliquary was made between 1400 and 1425. The herm is one of the masterpieces of Hungarian goldsmithery.

The herm was taken to the Győr Cathedral in 1606 to protect it from the Turkish and is still displayed here.

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