Guptipara Terracotta Temples, West Bengal

Here are a few pictures from my first halt at Guptipara, a  site with four terracotta temples. The temples are of one room kind of structure, the outline like a thatched hut.. The arches and facades are covered with designs and pictorial representations of epics. Some of them are crumbling, definite sharp features are lost. It is obvious they are getting worn off due to exposure to heat and rain for years.These temples date back to 17th and 18th century.

Guptipara, the name comes from “Gupta Brindavan” meaning secret garden! I reached quite early in the morning when there was no other tourist. The purohit (temple priest) was conducting the morning puja. Seeing our interest he took up the role of being a guide and explained whatever he knew of the temple.

Hope you enjoy seeing the pictures, I am half way through my tour, managed to take out some time to upload the pictures here.

Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara, West Bengal
Facade of Reims Cathedral, France

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