Guptipara Temple Facades, West Bengal

I am back from a great trip of Sunderbans, a tiger reserve of West Bengal. A couple of days more and I will be back in Bangalore.

Here are some shots of facades of Guptipara temples, medieval Temples of Brindavan Chandra Math (17th – 18th century). The first two temples are Brindavan Chandraji’s temple and Krishna Chandraji’s temple, known as atchala (8 roofed) temples.

Ramachandra Temple known for its turret, the facade covered with terracotta work. This temple was constructed by the king of Sheorafuli, Harishchandra Ray. It is the Ekratna style temple (meaning single turret temple).

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Heidelberg, Germany
Brindavan Chandra Mandir Guptipara, West Bengal

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