Grote Market, Antwerp

The Grote market of Antwerp is worth a stop; in fact it will be ideal to start tour of Antwerp town from here. All major sights are within walking distance from this place. Starting the tour from one side of the town and walking towards the Antwerp’s central market would help to take a short rest, a bite and drink from the many cafes around the market and then proceed for the rest of the tour. That is what we did.


We sat down and relaxed here in the heart of this old town for a while. The sights of the old buildings, the facades were like from a story book. The guild houses all around were the most fascinating. As if the time stood still and all moving creatures turned to golden statues. We lost count of the golden statues we saw erected over those buildings. I am sure each has a story. I am trying to google out the stories of these wonderful statues, any clues or links to them would be most welcome.


The Carolus Borromeus Church, Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium

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