Grand Place, Tournai, Belgium

You will hardly find a town square that is not interesting in the European countries. Lined with cafes and restaurants, all you need to do is just pull a chair, relax, sip a cuppa and time will fly! I wish there was a similar concept in my country!

Tournai town square was no different. That particular day when I was there, the weekly market was on, more hustle bustle around the area more activities. Various kinds of items were on sale, most of the waffle selling spots were crowded. The sights of interesting façade patterns, mostly red brick work decorated with various embellishments led us on.

This city, Tournai is one of the most important cultural sites in Belgium. The mixed Romanesque- and Gothic-style cathedral of Notre Dame de Tournai and the belfry, the oldest in Belgium, have been jointly designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. There are a series of water fountains that are fun to observe and even play in the middle of Grand Place.

A Glimpse of Belfry Of Tournai, Belgium
Belfry of Mechelen, Belgium - a World Heritage Site

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