Grand Place Facades, Brussels, Belgium

The stroll in the square of Grand Place of Brussels is most memorable to me. A Belgian waffle in one hand, camera in the other I was confused which to enjoy! The waffle was disappearing fast while I was taking a closer look at the architectural splendor all around. It was quite dizzying standing at one spot feasting on waffle, turning round and round, eyes feasting on the rich facades at the same time.

The quality of the architecture here clearly depicts the successful status of the mercantile society that existed then. Upper floor windows of the guild houses overlooking the Grand Place. Scroll down for more pictures.

The façade of the King’s House also called the Breadhouse. The building never housed a King: only Dukes.

The classic image of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf on the facade of no. 5, La Louve (the She-Wolf).

A damaged statue between the arches on the facade of Town Hall. The number of gargoyles one gets to click here can compile into a huge album.

Archangel Michael slaying a demon on the facade of the arched doorway of the Town hall.

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Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

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