Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Grand Place, the central square of Brussels is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square is surrounded by buildings with stunning facades and architectural details. Each of the buildings was build at different times and for different purposes. The area was a market initially. It started with three indoor markets for meat, bread and cloth. Wealthy merchants build houses around the edge of the square. Later wars flattened most of the place. The square was rebuilt but again revolutionaries looted and sacked the buildings of its statues and symbols. In the late 19th century, mayor Charles Buls had the Grand Place returned to its former splendor. Buildings were reconstructed or restored.

 Brussels Town Hall. The town hall spire looks as if it would touch the sky. It stands 96m tall.

The bread house, named after the market whose place it took.


Grand Place Facades, Brussels, Belgium
Interiors of Atomium, Brussels, Belgium

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