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For most of you whose blogs are very popular and have scores of site fans, Google has launched a new feature Google Talk Chat Badge. Well the comment box is there no doubt but what if your reader wants to clarify with you on a specific issue or what if the reader doesn’t want his or her query to be made public and what if you have disabled anonymous comments. Also those shy and lazy readers, all taken care of once you embed this live chat window.

Read: Add Live Chat To Your Blog.

The advantages are many.
1. This feature enables you to chat with your live blog readers.
2. The blog chat add ons are done in Macromedia Flash, hence your readers don’t have to download or install any feature to get started.
3. Set the Google Talk status as busy, the Google Talk Chat Badge will be disabled.
4. You can chat with more than one of your readers at a time, as each session will open in a separate tab.
5. Place them on a pop-up window. It will open when the reader clicks on the hyperlink.
6. This feature is useful for your other service oriented web pages too.

Just take care to see that you will be able to manage all chat requests.

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5 Responses to “Google Talk Chatback

  • Hi Indrani

    Your info abt the blog chats is very interesting , esplly for a new blogger like me . I hope to be able to try it out some day !

    Thanks for visitng LaMuse07 … and yes I do think walking helps in …errr. ummm.. getting weighty problems off your back !!!! 🙂

    Do visit again .

  • It looks quite interesting, but I’m afraid I lack time to manage the regular comment page , how would I find time to deakl with several readers at the same time? 😉
    Loved tio see and read your Water Wheel post!
    And thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter
    Have a great week!

  • Nnnnnnnnn..i….ce.Have done it. Let me see if it works.
    And I do like the name of your blog…

  • Shubd: Sure you can try out the feature, Happy Writing.

    GMG: All I can say is “Necessity is the mother of invention”. You may feel the need of the feature soon.

    Raji: I have left a comment regarding this problem of not getting connected through the Chatback in the discussion forum of Google Talk Chatback. Will let u know if I get any response.
    Thanks for the compliment on the name of my blog. This is the first time I received one.

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