Goddess Durga idols before immersion.

After six days when the festival comes to an end, the idol of Goddess Durga is taken out of the pandal (temporary structures for worshiping) in trucks. She is taken to nearby water bodies and immersed there, it is known a Bishorjon. Large processions of devotees follow the idol, traffic comes to a halt and the idol that was made of clay merges back with earth.

The belief associated with this is that Goddess Durga descends on earth, her father’s home, hence the rejoicing and celebrations. After ten days she is now returning to her husband Lord Shiva in heaven.

In Bangalore a special cemented section of Ulsoor Lake is marked for all Bishorjons. I positioned myself near the lake well ahead of time to see the processions arrive one by one. Sharing with you here some of the shots taken just before the immersion of the idols.

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Dhunuchi Naach

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