Giant Pandas Seal Friendship

There is no denying the fact that the citizens of this whole world love Giant pandas. The adorable creatures they are! Did you know these humble herbivorous creatures form an important part of the diplomacy of the People’s Republic of China? It is termed as Panda diplomacy program. Recent news reports state that Malaysia is all set to receive two Giant Pandas from China. As per the agreement the pandas are being loaned to Malaysia by China for a period of ten years. A nationwide contest is on to name the two Giant pandas.

                        (Picture courtesy Beehive Communications)

An estimated amount of RM20mil is expected to be spent in maintaining proper environ for the pandas. The pandas will be housed in Wetland Park, approx 35kms south of Kaula Lampur. The entire infrastructure will be similar to the natural habitat of pandas. The funds are planned to cover the training costs for staff to handle these gentle creatures, maintaining an air-conditioned sanctuary and importing bamboos from China for feeding them.

I am not interested in starting any political debate over this. In my opinion this definitely is a great opportunity for the locals to know more about the animals and also an added tourist attraction for Malaysia. A unique way to strengthen ties between two countries!


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14 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    They are such beautiful animals and the only thing that matters to me is that they are cared for, have plenty of food and are protected — where that happens and under whatever government is unimportant, only their welfare. Wonderful post for the day, Indrani! Hope your weekend is going well!

  2. magiceye says:

    Finally animals come to the rescue of beleaguered humans!!!

  3. ladyfi says:

    Oh gosh – they are adorable!

  4. Love the Pandas, they are soft and cuddlesome.

  5. eileeninmd says:

    I love the Pandas, and if ten years is all we can get to see them. I say yes go for it. We have the pandas on loan at the National Zoo in DC. And the are one of the big attractions to the zoo.

  6. Onkar says:

    They look so cute

  7. Leovi says:

    Wonderful photo. I like those cute pandas.

  8. Unique and so wonderful
    Gotta love the pandas.

  9. Carver says:

    Wonderful shot of the pandas and a great post about the sanctuary.

  10. Hilary says:

    How I'd love to hug one of those beauties. Or hold a cub. Geesh.. they cute.

  11. Bikramjit says:

    oh yes politics is one side, let the politcians take care of that .. I as a mere mortal would love to know the animal more .. natures beauty for sure


  12. arabesque says:

    i agree with you.
    and yes, they're über cute!

  13. Cloudia says:

    Yes, the Pandas are world-wide diplomats for China.

  14. AmitAag says:

    A wonderful post! I loved it!

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