Ghent, Belgium

Ghent when compared with Bruges may fail in terms of scenic beauty, yet it is a city worth touring if you are anywhere around. The medieval atmosphere is so well preserved; modernity hasn’t corrupted the beauty of the city yet. The name ‘Ghent’, ‘Ganda’, is derived from the Celtic word ‘ganda’ which means confluence. There are proofs that life existed here even during the Stone Age and Iron Age.

We arrived here late after the tour of Bruges that made us miss our tours inside several monuments. Most museums close very early. We had to satisfy ourselves taking pictures of facades there. Many attractive sculpted works on them.

Het Gravensteen – called the “Castle of the Counts” was once the seat of the Flanders’ counts during the medieval period. The castle was the stronghold of Ghent, built with strong thick walls and an entrance way with a long tunnel leading to the castle. This indeed is the star attraction of the city.

Belfry of Ghent, the Tallest Belfry in Belgium
Mahadwara, Inside Chitradurga Fort

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