Genting Highland, Amusement Park, Malaysia

Malaysia’s amusement park at Genting is an ultimate combination of natural beauty and modern technology. Put it first in your must see list if you are on a vacation here with your children. Located on a mountain, it is a city made out in the mountain hollows, with rides and theme parks scattered all over. 45 min drive to reach Genting from KL, it has a spring-like weather year-round. There are rides which will take you up where clouds kiss you, so be ready to experience head-in-the-clouds and touch the heavens feel at Genting. 

The theme parks cater to all ages. For the tough ones there is ‘The Drop’ where you get lifted up very high and then dropped down very fast. There are rides for the faint hearted ones and for kids too. The water park has a variety of boat rides, experience one and you will be left wanting for more. Splash down is one exciting ride which one may find it hard to forget. It goes up and then comes down with a splash, twice. Ripley’s believe it or not museum, Haunted house, Space shot and a new attraction ‘The Snow World’, you will find it hard to choose.

Set aside the night time for enjoying the casino and dining at the plush restaurants. There are various shows, cuisines and ‘food’ even for staunch vegetarians. The cake shop and candy shop are a must stopover if you are ever there with your kids.

 It is an excellent family destination all year round. No wonder why Genting is considered Las Vegas of Malaysia!

(This is an advertisement feature by me for Tourism Malaysia Campaign.)

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