Geneva Lake

A boat ride in Geneva Lake; it is one of the unmissable things to do in Geneva.

Many companies along the lake shore line offer various combinations for excusions in the lake. Check the time that you can spare and fit in a cruise in the lake. We enjoyed our trip. The views we got to see were of old castles, mansions that belonged to rich, new tall buildings and even a good view of the United Nations building; all of them in a visual capsule of one hour. This, probably is the best way to see the highlights of Geneva.

It was windy that day and we saw sail boats topple over like little toy boats. Guess that is the kind of thrill the sailors look out for in their little yachts. Run the mouse over this picture below to see the fate of the yacht.


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Old Town Hall, Brno, Czech Republic
Fountains of Berns, Switzerland

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