Ganesha Idols from Pottery Town, Bangalore

Pottery Town, Bangalore caters to each and every festival demands of Bangalore. With Ganesh Chaturthi fast approaching one of my friends wanted to buy one idol directly from the potter’s hands and that too, one which was not painted with the toxic colors. Do I leave the opportunity?? I too tagged along. I had never been to Potter’s Town before so I imagined the place to be with confusing lanes and by lanes, but to my surprise it was just a single street.

Pottery Town of Bangalore was just a single street with around 25 to 30 families in this profession; catering to the needs of Bangalore population. Unfortunately modernization is taking its toll and the business is no longer profitable. It is during the festival times the potters make some money.

Making Idol of Ganesha

What we saw there was feast to our eyes, Ganesha idols of all hues and shapes, most of them covered with plastic sheets. Only a couple or two sample idols were left uncovered in front of every shop.

Ganesha Idols at Pottery Town Bangalore

Traditional families go for the handmade clay idols with a touch of gold paint to highlight the features. We saw Lakshmi at work in a dingy room, with her deft fingers over the wet clay still making the idols to meet the orders placed by her customers. Every act from mixing of clay, baking and drying all are managed in that tiny room. The clay is purchased from distant places like Hoskote, Kanakapura, the prices have gone high she told us.

Pottery Town of Bangalore

Pottery Town was born when the Government gave 60 potters a designated area on a 30-year lease. The 23 families that are still in business here hope that this lease will be renewed. They hoped the land given to them next year, in the light of the work they are doing.” Today people buy these products for decoration and not for utilitarian purposes so the demand is less. Will these families be able to continue and flourish in this trade?


There, we saw a potter’s grandson happily playing in the roads. Will he be a potter too? He has dreams in his eyes, his little fingers meddle with clay often I am sure, but then will he want to be a potter or change tracks and abandon this trade??


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  • hi indra, my friend told me about this festival yesterday and i think it would be an interesting one. i told him that he take lots of photos on the day of festival tobe shared with me. 🙂

    happy WS!

  • What a beautiful child. Very interesting post and wonderful photographs. I hope that potters will be able to continue to earn a living. Handcrafted items are always so much more beautiful to me than the mass produced ones.

  • Nice one Indrani. That photo of the little child says it all. Hope he grows up to be a happy person.

  • i love the innocene on the child’s eyes.

    i hope you can visit my ws entry here. thanks.

  • Oh my, that’s a beautiful child. Great photos of a wonderful art. I hope they can and will continue.

  • That was some colourful Ganesh.

    Good portrait.

  • Wonderful post and photographs. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you!

  • Those are very nice shots! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  • fab shots! i can see you from the eyes of the child!

  • so nice of you to share such wonderful photos….have a great week ahead

  • i do hope the govt will give them the land in recognition of their craft

  • Toujours aussi “étranges” les photos !

    Et l’enfant a un joli regard !

  • the child’s eyes say so much.
    beautiful photos to give a feel of the place.

  • Wow, very fine artwork!

  • I have been waiting to click a pic of the idols kept for sale at RV road….since 2 years. I am gonna make it this time….wanna go there tomorrow morning to get that colourful pic. Very nice shots

  • Happy Ganesh Chaturhi, Indrani…
    Hope that child grows up to be a happy artist…

  • That child is beautiful — great shot.

  • wow! What a beautiful blog and most amazing photos. I particurlarly love the Elephant shot. I am in complete awe of the gentle giants and find them to be one of the most beautiful creatures.

    I’m Kj and came over to your blog after you left a lovely comment on my blog for the foto friday I did that is hosted by mychaosmybliss.

    I want to give my heartfelt thanks for the kind comment you left. It’s always nice to have my “Mothering” receive notes of appreciation — more so when offered up by a stranger. So, thank you for reminding me that my little girl will be just fine without me, because of me.

  • Love these idols; brought one from Delhi last February!
    happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

  • I’ve worked in the computer industry all of my adult life. I had heard that Bangalore was a hi-tech town. Fascinating to read that they’re known for ceramics too. The work and the people are beautiful.

  • A touching pic there. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • yes, its one amazing area of Bangalore..and great pics..:)loved the last one

  • Sigh…. kids in coming years would only know harry potter :))
    and as called for in your blog, if govt’ doesn’t step in… pottery
    is going to join the dinosaurs clan… become extinct..?!!

    Nice pictures.

    On potter’s grandson… what do those eyes behold??? Agree with
    Raji… “.. Hope he grows up to be a happy person..!!”

  • These are just stunning. Those child’s eyes just melt my heart. Beautiful!

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