Gadsisar Lake, Jaisalmer

Gadsisar lake of Jaisalmer is an artificial water tank, built by Maharawal Garsi Singh in 1367 A.D. It was the sole source of drinking water till as recently as 1965. Today water is supplied to the city sourced from Dabla village, 15 km outskirts of Jaisalmer.

The lake is now a picnic spot and attracts lot of birds, bees and butterflies along with human traffic.

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It was a luxury for tourists like us from the cornered existence in the over crowded cities, to see the birds flock there in huge numbers. And this was just early October, in the coming winter months more rare species were expected to flock around in the lake.

(Do click on the picture to enlarge and view.)

The three elements that attract the winged creatures are food, shelter and water. May be if we make an effort to provide these things to our winged friends, they will not be lost in the concrete jungle we live. Birdbaths are always a welcome gesture. Do you have one?

There were plenty of fish too, which were fed with bread pieces by the tourists.

If this is not stampede what is this?

Camera Critters

Sam Sand Dunes at Jaisalmer
Patwon ki Haveli, Jaisalmer

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  • Remarkable photos! Especially that big bunch, herd, group, school, whatever, of catfish! I wonder what those structures are in the middle of the water. One looks like it might be a temple or special spot of some kind?

  • You have the most amazing photo’s of beautiful buildings. India must be full of them! What a wonderful country. And industry does not seem to have spoilt it all yet.

    I had to look twice to recognize the fish, their antenna and eyes look much like a mass of thin wiry spiders.

  • i took a further look at the fish . at first i thought they were a form of prawns or crabs. i now think they r catfish?

  • Thanks, Deborah. That structure is not a temple, but may be a spot for the kings of those days to chill out. 🙂

    Thanks, Thyme and Bengbeng! There are over 2000 species of catfish, one of those species there.

  • It is a stampede, all right!
    Wonderful pictures. Your record of your Rajasthan trip is I hope appreciated by the Department of Tourism there. 🙂

  • wow!! superb captures all!!

  • A nice presentation…..

  • Always great photos here… Yes very beautiful !

    See You later !

  • WOW! Those are amazing photos! Hopefully someday, I can visit:)

  • So unusual and exotic. Lucky birds, to come there. And feeding frenzy for the fish.
    Such interesting photos you took.

  • wow…lots of fishes.

    My CC entry this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

  • Hi!
    Awesome Photos! You are right about providing for the birds, and yes I have a bird bath! Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


  • Beautiful photos!

  • STAMPEDE!! LOL… bet you could hear them from miles away! hehehe…
    What an amazing post! I found this totally fascinating!! WOW… =)

    Mountain Retreat- Canada

  • A wonderful post!
    Are the catfish alive? I don’t see how they can be out of the water like that.
    Amazing photos!

  • Your fish photos are intense and very interesting. Nice subject.

  • Fantastic series of photos. What gorgeous buildings. Fabulous post. I looked through your post below to and you take some stunning photos!

  • i have throughly enjoyed your site and photos, especially the cranes and the indian women and jewelry. so interesting to see bits of the other side of the world. 🙂 thanks for stopping by my place.

  • Great pics Indrani. And the fish – unbelievable except that Ive seen some like that in the tank of the Mylapore temple. ‘Flapede’ all right.

    Do yo have any similar post on Delhi? Plan to visit in a couple of months so you would be a great guide.

  • Wow! you have had a wonderful trip while i was gone on vacation. Amazing pics Indrani, will return to read more in detail.

  • Photo showing bunch of fishes is just amazing !

  • these are amazing photos and the group of fish surely is amazing. great job.

    thanks for the visit to my blog.

  • Catfish I guess..can we call it a slither-ede instead? 😉

    Glad to read your posts and learn about these places Indrani.:)

  • Amazing photos! That last one I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  • Those are wonderful shots. We used to have a bird feeder but it got broken during a storm.

    Amazing how those catfish squished in together like that.

  • Some very interesting and cool pictures you have and wow that sure is a lot of fish.Thanks for the visit

  • Those fish shots are crazy!!! What kind of fish is that? Smart-fish?

    Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it. Makes me wonder what you will be putting together for My World tomorrow???

  • Beautiful critters and amazing shots.

  • Beautiful pictures.

  • Unbelievable collection of photos! Enjoyed them all! But I was especially fascinated with that arched structure in the water that the birds seem to have adopted!

  • i remember seeing these before and I thought i had commented..lovely..what a simple trip showcases us 🙂

  • i remember seeing these before and I thought i had commented..lovely..what a simple trip showcases us 🙂

  • thank u,ur pictures help me in my ppt presentation 🙂

  • Vinita, I am curious to know how these pictures helped you. 🙂
    Kindly get in touch in my mail id

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