Where to Find Deep Fried Ice Cream in Bangalore

Ice Cream! Who doesn’t like it! Possibly invented by Chinese in 3000 BC, this dessert is available today in countless flavors and forms. Here is one version of ice cream I had recently – the Fried Ice Cream!

Fried Ice Cream

A first time for me, I was curious like a kid how the stuff would look like. (A unique dessert: I learned later, it was first served during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Wiki also mentions: in 1894, a Philadelphia company was given credit for its invention. This dessert is associated with Asian cuisine.)

Fried Ice Cream in Bangalore

At the bloggers’ review meet at Mango Tree BristoBar, a restaurant in Bangalore, we were served this dessert. Though they served it at the end, I decided to give this single item a special mention.

The waiter got this golden colored fried ball on a platter. Imagine the cold ice cream is all cuddled up inside this warm golden coating.

Mmmm… It takes a heart to slice it! But slice, we did!


Ice cream inside was still firm. Now the most eagerly awaited step; scooping the cream and cutting a bit of coating along with it. Inside the mouth it is a combination of hot and crunchy crust along with sweet and cold cream. All my taste buds were going crazy trying to decipher the actual taste.

Sorry to tempt you so friends, but grab it the first chance you get! It is differently heavenly! My next hunt is for deep fried chocolate ice cream. Have you tasted one? For strict vegetarians eggless fried ice cream is available.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Sliced up deep fried ice cream

Fried Ice Cream in Bangalore

So, where to find deep fried ice cream in Bangalore? After a lot of search and feedback here is the list of 5 places in Bangalore where you can taste Fried Ice Cream

  1. Hakuna Matata in JP Nagar
  2. AB’s Absolute Barbeques in Marathalli
  3. Art of Delight in Residency Road
  4. Dice N Dine in Koramangala
  5. Mango Tree in JP Nagar


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