Franz Kafka, Strange Statue in Prague

When I first set my foot in Prague I had no idea about this city except that it is capital of Czech Republic. I was devouring the sights of the city at a fast rate, new things, old structures, architectural splendors… a mix of old and new.

Franz Kafka on Shoulders

Looking at one particular statue there, I was stunned motionless. Look at the picture. A huge sized, headless, hand less man carrying another man on his shoulder. I had no idea what this meant. I love to travel for this one reason; you don’t know what you are going to stumble on in the next street.

Franz Kafka
I came back with just the pic of name inscribed there: Franz Kafka and lots of pictures. A museum dedicated to Franz Kafka is situated close by which I deliberately had to give a miss due to lack of time. Franz Kafka is one best writers of twentieth century. The statue was installed there in 2004 almost 80 years after the death of this writer.

It is an unusual sculpture of a mini-Kafka riding on the shoulders of a giant empty suit.  The sculpture is designed by sculptor Jaroslav Rona. The sculptor of the statue Jaroslav Rona found inspiration for his work in Kafka’s early short story “Description of a Struggle”. The author explores a fantasy landscape from the shoulders of ‘an acquaintance’. The ground under Franz Kafka statue has form resembling the legs of an insect, which recalls his short story “Die Verwandlung”. Reading this book may help understand that the man sitting on a faceless body represents the struggle with bureaucracy. Do let me know if you have chanced on this book.

A Sunset and A Sunrise
Olomouc Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic

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