Frames From Hampi

Hampi is a photographer’s delight! The rocky terrain, the river flowing by for sunsets and sun rises, the ruins of the temples; all are so photogenic that you are always impressed by your own photography. Barring a few functioning temples, the whole of Hampi is welcome to cameras!

Rains, cloudy dramatic clouds or skies devoid of clouds; don’t really matter, you just click! Golden hours like sun rise and sunset are wonderful photo opportunities. But even during midday, with hot sun burning everything bright, I have seen photographers experiment to get different and unique frames. I was there at one such time when the sky was just plain blue.

The resting area around the temple was too drab with gray columns after columns. Walking through those ruins for shade from the hot sun I clicked the temples and its gopuram (gate). I feel this is better than a plain shot of the façade. What do you think?

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