Four Must See Places in Bangalore, Karnataka

Guest Post by Steven De Nazareth

Bangalore is known for many different things – the delicious food, the software and IT Industry, and as the garden city of India. It’s also my current home. It’s easily accessible and once you get here, it’s time to start exploring. You can take a Go Indigo flight from anywhere in the country and you’ll be here in no time.

Here are the four must see places in Bangalore that you must visit:

1. Lal Bagh

Let’s start with a place that has gained fame across the nation- Lal Bagh. Apart from being a huge garden in the centre of the city, Lal Bagh also plays host to various events such as the flower show. The garden is historic as it was commissioned in 1760 by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan. When in the garden, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Glass House.

Must See Places in Bangalore

Picture from Shutterstock by author

2. Bangalore Palace

Built in a British style and decorated with ivy, the Bangalore Palace is the city’s pride. Currently owned by the Mysore royal family, the palace has housed various royals and dignitaries. The grounds of the palace, called Palace Grounds, has hosted some of the coolest concerts in recent history. From Iron Maiden and Sting to Roger Waters and Elton John, this place is the centre of any music lovers plans.

3. The Flower Market of Bangalore

If you are looking for those photos that’ll turn your Instagram buddies green with envy, then head to the Flower Market in KR Market. You will be overwhelmed by the colours and the sheer number of flowers available. This one is for the early risers as it is open from 2 AM to 8 AM. It’s a great place to support local farmers as you can buy flowers directly from them.

Flower Market

Picture from shutterstock by author

4. WonderLa in Bangalore

WonderLa Bangalore is the place to be if you have kids or are young at heart. The theme park is described as India’s No. 1 Thrill Station. You can take local transport and get there by bus or take an Uber or car of your choice. It’s 20% off for students and is packed with water adventure sports and rides. So, if you’re after a thrill. Head here!

This year, put Bangalore on your bucket list, find what you love to do and you’ll have the best experience there. Be sure to also check out the nightlife and restaurants. Bangalore boasts of every cuisine under the sun and no trip there is complete without a delicious meal. Get exploring!


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21 Responses to “Four Must See Places in Bangalore, Karnataka

  • Wow. I had heard about the flower market. I am keen to see these places when I am there.:)
    Thanks for sharing.. 🙂


  • Have done 3 out of the 4. 🙂 Bangalore palace is simply amazing. The best time to visit Lal Bagh is during the flower show. And Aeroshow is another thing/place to be in Bangalore as well. 🙂

  • I have been to bangalore couple of times and have visited Lal Bahg alone ! Good to know about the colorful flower market… will try to check next time

  • Dr. Harish Chandra Varshney
    10 months ago

    I visited bangalore in 1967 and again in 1998. There was a lot of change there. I could see the Lal Bagh, Palace and flower market. I enjoyed both the times. Thanks for nostalgic remembering.

  • Yes Fantastic Bangaluru..
    Lalbagh. Flowers market. B. Lore Palace. The garden city is fabulous..

    Smd Rafiq kadiri


  • lal bagh is a place, always wanted to visit.. captured it beautifully with detailed description..

  • Love the photo of the glass house – beautiful. I’ve not heard much about what to do in Bangalore but these all sound great. I’d be dragging my kids to the flower market and the palace but they could get their revenge taking me to WonderLa!

  • Wow. Haven’t heard of flower market even though I spent good time in Bangalore. Lovely. I’ll try to visit next time I’m there 🙂

    A Rat’s Nibble

  • The flower market looks like the best place!! I thought it was a huge pile of bananas at first haha. Would love to visit someday!

  • The flower market is so beautiful. I have never seen flowers arranged in neat concentric circles like these anywhere in Delhi!

  • Have been to bangalore several time but didnt get chance to explore even one of them. For me the most attractive is flower market and Bangalore Palace. Will try to visit these for sure next time.

  • Wow, that flower market looks incredible. I’ve visited a few flower markets around the world but I’ve never seen anything like that. Can’t wait to see it someday with my own eyes!

  • I’ve never visited this part of the world at all, but heard many good things about Bangalore. The Flower Market looks brilliant, although I’m not sure I’d ever be awake in time to see it in action!

  • Now i know, when in bangalore where to visit and what to see. Thank you for the post 🙂

  • Actually, I would also add Bangalore Palace to the list… It is quite a hidden gem

  • I’ve never been to Bangalore, but now I feel I would like to go. That Glass House is amazing! And I would also love to see the stunning flowers. Excellent photos!

  • Thanks for the introduction and I think I have been to the two of them.
    The Bangalore Palace is a very nice architecture and worth visiting. @ knycx.journeying

  • Megan Jerrard
    10 months ago

    Lal Bagh at night looks stunning lit up like that! I would also love to get to the Palace and the flower markets – what an amazing place to call home right now!

  • Nice to see this post. All of us get so engrossed in traveling around the world, we forget the gems in our own backyard. There are so many unknown places in Bangalore that I think we should start focussing on them. Great you have taken the lead.

  • These sounds like 4 great things to do when in Bangalore – i’ll have to remember them for when I’m in the area – and I’d love to go to the theme park! I’m such a big kid!

  • The can you believe we’ve never heard if Bangalore!? However, these suggestions of places to visit sound like great places. Now I’m going to research Bangalore.

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