For Growing Years, lunchboxANDyou

Packing lunchboxes had become a routine affair; I have been doing it for many years now. But ever since my elder daughter has shifted base, moved on to college, the job of packing lunch boxes has reduced to half. But in the past six months even though the job had reduced to half a small unknown fear has begun to grip me. In another 3 years I will be deprived of this routine affair. Kids would have flown off from my nest to build a future of their own, fending for themselves. The impending state of joblessness is gripping me with a kind of silly fear. I have now begun to look into this regular work of mine i.e. packing lunchboxes with more fondness!

Aru… now in her high school has stepped on to her teens. And I find a definite change in her tastes. Earlier she would crave for her lunch box to be filled with tasty food (read junk food). If the fries were missing she would be grumpy. But now her favorite food concepts have changed. I see a good inclination towards healthier stuffs, more fruits, no paranthas (oily flat breads) only rotis (dry flat breads). Dry fruits are an essential part of her lunch box, along with roti, sabzi (curry). I do sneak in a chocolate muffin into the lunchbox now and then. It has been her all time favorite.

Now a days I have started putting little loving and caring notes in the lunchbox. The first time I did it she was pleasantly surprised. She was smiling ear to ear when she saw me at the gate and she said: I ate everything ma! I am thankful to the makers of the movie β€˜lunch box’ because I got this idea from the movie, it is one of the best in the recent times. It has been a huge success with Indian audience. ‘The Lunchbox’ Premiere on Valentine’s Day at 8 PM on &pictures.

The movie has a very simple concept of exchange of messages, portrayed very well. The exchange of notes is between two unknown people but I thought I can definitely express in a similar way with my loved one who is in her growing years.

My dear darling pappunu, like everyday I have packed this lunchbox with love and nutrition. I know you are in a rush to join your friends to play with them, but don’t skip meals because you need energy to play with them. It is more than 3 hours you had your breakfast and now your body is calling out for more food. You have to replenish so that you can be ahead in your running races. After you have had your lunch remember to drink water, that will help you digest your food. And remember you have your Math test right after lunch. With your tummy full I am sure you will concentrate on the figures and do well in the test. I will be thinking of you through out the day till you come back home. The lunchbox will be empty I am sure.

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Happy New Year! Happy 2015!

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